Photo: Yaron Brenner
Scene of the terrorist attack
Photo: Yaron Brenner
More than 20 still hospitalized
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They went shopping but never returned
Video: The stories of victims of Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up at entrance to Netanya shopping center

Video: The names of four of the victims of the suicide terror attack in Netanya have been released: Alexandra Grimatzky, 65, of Netanya, Iliya Rosen, 38, of Bat Hefer, Daniel Golani, 45, of Nahariya, and Haim Amram, 26, of Netanya.


Kinan Tzumai, 20, of Petah Tikva, has been named as the fifth victim.


Scene of Netanya bombing (Footage: Yaron Brenner) 



24 injured people are still hospitalized in the Laniado Hospital in Netanya, the Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, and the Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. One of the injured is critically wounded, four are moderately wounded, and one is in light condition.


Haim Amram, who died stopping the bomber (Photo: Avi Cohen)


"Haim planned to propose to his girlfriend"


Tania Korilov, a guard who was injured in the attack, said she knew the guard who was killed, Haim Amram. She said Haim had completed secondary education examinations in the past year, and had begun to live with his girlfriend. The two planned on marrying at the start of the summer and to travel abroad.


Hundreds of people arrived at the Amram family home, when it became known that Haim prevented a suicide bomber from entering the shopping center.


Four months ago, when the Sharon Center was hit by another terrorist attack, Haim also worked at the center.


Amram was responsible for tours and worked at the mall for a number of years. Before that he had worked at a shopping center in Raanana. He attended the Sinai primary school in Raanana. His uncle, Avi, described Haim as "very sociable. He loved to work out at the gym and loved to ride on his motorcycle."


Lior Golan, a relative said: "He was an incredible person. Very quiet and humble, he wanted to study psychology. He wanted to save everyone, and that's how he was killed. There's no doubt this is a hero's death."


"This was a person with character, who saved many people with his act," said Meir Golan, another relative of Haim. His funeral was held at 23:00 in Netanya.


'Hard to separate him from his smile'


"Dani was a wonderful person," said Tzion Lankari, a Nahariya local council member, who was friends with Golani for nearly 18 years. "It was hard to separate him from his smile. He loved to live, and loved his family. This was a person one could always trust and turn to during difficult times. He was a rock. He wasn't scared of anything."


Nahariya Police Chief Jamal Hakrush arrived at the Golani family residence in Naharia in the afternoon, and was forced to tell Ronit Golani that her husband, Dani, was murdered in the attack, and that she must identify the body. Two police officers escorted the woman to the medical center where her husband's body lay.


Golani owned three clothing stores by the name of Hashdera in Nahariya. Family members say he had planned on widening his business, and was interested in opening a store in the Netanya shopping center, where he was killed.


Daniel Golani (Photo: Gil Nahushtan)


Lankari added that Golani was a person who considered friendship to be a supreme value, "and not just a slogan. He always knew how to help, and one only had to ask. I just can't accept that he was killed like this, that he is no more."


David Rosen, also a member of the Nahariya local council, said that Golani would help the needy, and could always be trusted to come to the aide of those who needed it.


An atmosphere of mourning was felt in Nahariya on Monday evening, where Golani was involved in local political initiatives. He had worked for deposed mayor Ron Frumer. "We spoke about the elections, and he promised he would work hard for the cause. It's simply an unbelievable disaster," said Frumer.


Golani's funeral will be held at 11:30 in Netanya.


Kinan Tzuami: "He was loved and he loved everyone"


"If he would have gone back into the mall with his friend, he would be alive now," said a friend of Kinan Tzuami, 20. Dozens of Kinan's friends came to his parents home to pay their last respects and to absorb the shock of his murder.


Only 20: Kinan Tzuami (Photo: Miri Chason)


"They traveled from Petah Tikva to Netanya to eat at the shopping center, they left the mall, and then Kinan remembered that he had forgotten his drink. His friend went to get his drink and then the explosion took place," said a friend.


"There are no words to describe Kinan. He was a happy kid, a soulful child with a love of life," said another friend.


Leilah, Kinan's girlfriend, is unable to believe what has happened: "We celebrated his birthday just a month ago, all the signs are sill in his room, the teddy bear is still in the room. We were together for a year, I don't really understand how he left me like this. I don't believe it, my poor Kinan. Everyone told him to be careful of motorcycles – and in the end, this is what happened."


One of Kinan's brothers is in the United States and is now preparing to fly to Israel for his brother's funeral.


Moshe Tzuami, Kinan's uncle, said: "There was never a dull moment with him. For 24 hours a day, his room and house was filled with friends who loved him, and he loved everyone. He was the youngest child, and now he left his parents and three brothers to be alone."


Kinan's grandmother was brought to her son's home, crying and yelling: "Bring me my grandson, I just want my grandson." Her cries of pain caused all of the people inside and outside the home to cry.


Alexandra liked to wander around the mall


Doctor Andrai Grimatzky, a urologist, searched for his mother, Alexandra, since he knew she liked to wander around the Sharon shopping center in Netanya. Grimatzky told Ynet that he left his department in the hospital and ran to the emergency room after hearing of the terrorist attack: "I heard there was an attack, and immediately called my mother a number of times. Then I went to the emergency room."


Son couldn't find his mother. Alexandra (Photo: Orly Popper)


Grimatzky told of how his mother immigrated to Israel from Ukraine in 1997. Andrai was her only son.


"In the end I arrived at the forensics institute in Abu Kabir, where I was told she died."


Her funeral will take place on Tuesday at 13:00 in Kibbutz Chen.


Mother of three


Iliya Rosen, 38, from Moshav Bat Hefer, was a mother of three children aged 12, 9, and 5. Her 12-year-old son was on an annual school trip at the time of the attack, and was rushed home, escorted by a teacher.


Family members said that her 9-year-old daughter felt something was wrong, until she was told that her mother was murdered in the attack. Many people arrived at the family home, friends and relatives, to offer support.


Iliya Rosen (Photo: Orly Popper)


The youngest daughter drew pictures as the home was filled with mourners. "Everyone is wrecked," said neighbors, who described the family as "outstanding."


Iliya was meant to start a new job as a projects manager. She grew up in Ramat Aviv, and studied psychology at the University of Tel Aviv and in Beer Sheva. Family members recounted that she always said that road accidents were more dangerous than the security situation.


Eight years ago, Iliya and her family moved to Bat Hefer, where they built their home. Her husband, Gadi, said they felt secure in their home.


"She was killed in the big city of Netanya, and not in the moshav," he said.


Iliya worked as a psychologist in the education sector. She traveled to Netanya with a close friend in order to buy cloths and to make arrangements ahead of her new job.


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