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Jackson. Left the animals behind
Photo: Reuters
Animals at Jackson's farm starving
Music idol Michael Jackson's Neverland Farm is falling apart; animals at star's zoo go unfed, Fox News channel reported this week
The animals at Michael Jackson's Neverland Farm are starving, according to American television channel Fox News.


It appears that Jackson, who recently moved to Bahrain with his children and their nanny, has not been sending enough money to cover the purchase of food for the animals in his private zoo at the farm.


A correspondent for the U.S. channel reported that Jackson's farm has been in a dismal state ever since the pop star's departure. Part of the electricity in the place has been cut off due to unpaid bills, and the animals were left with very little food to sustain them.


Some food has apparently been sent recently, to keep the animals from literally starving to death, but this delivery is not expected to last for very long.


A source at the farm told the reporter that Jackson's employees at the farm were also affected by his absence.


We could understand this when Jackson was on trial, but now it's a whole different story, the source said.


The pop icon, who was acquitted of child molestation charges several months ago, recently moved to Bahrain. Last week it was reported that Jackson was abusing drugs and that he had taken an overdose of cocaine, but his spokesman denied the allegations.


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