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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Obsessively targeted by Arab cartoonists
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Arab cartoonists portray Sharon as killer

Arab media celebrates Sharon's illness, runs series of cartoons demonizing Prime Minister Sharon

Since the start of the dramatic deterioration of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health condition, Arab cartoonists have relentlessly targeted Sharon, reflecting the public opinion in the Arab world.


The cartoons constantly bring up Sharon's involvement in bloody battles along the history of Israel's wars.


The Arab cartoons portray Sharon as a bloodthirsty individual on a daily basis.


Cartoonist Jalal al-Rafai published three cartoons in the Jordanian newspaper al-Dustour, portraying Sharon as a man of blood and death.


From al-Dustour


In one cartoon, Sharon is seen as receiving blood from a pigeon of peace, while in the second, an angel of death is seen shedding tears of blood for Sharon. The third cartoon depicts Sharon's spirit lying in ambush with an Uzi gun for an Arab who is reading about Sharon's death with satisfaction.


Also from al-Dustour


Competing Jordanian newspaper al-Rai even added a word game on Sharon's medical condition and the political map in Israel. Cartoonist "Yaziz" publicized a cartoon on January 7 showing Sharon directing a coffin and saying, "Kadima" (forward).


Al-Dustour's third cartoon


Syrian newspaper Teshreen continued its tradition of portraying Sharon as a man of war, while Qatari daily al-Sharaq ran with a cartoon showing a religious Jew draining an endless number of skulls from Sharon's brain into a garbage bin.


From Jordan's al-Rai


Iran: Competition over headline for Sharon's death


One of Iran's news agencies declared a shocking competition for television viewers and internet surfers, mostly young Iranians, asked to come up with a headline "for the day after Prime Minister Sharon dies."


Al-Watan's cartoon


The IRINN channel's news program, which is broadcast via satellite to many countries, and the news agency's website, showed the viewers at home many examples of headlines. The website usually focuses on developments in Israel and the Middle East.


Al-Sharaq's contribution


The MEMRI Middle East translation service said that among other headlines, "Sharon in hell" and "Satan welcomes Sharon," were shown to viewers.


The website offers its surfers many prizes for the best headlines. "We chose good presents for the good headlines," it declared.


This isn't the first time Iran has wished for the prime minister's death. Last week, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: "Hopefully the news that the criminal of Sabra and Shatila has joined his ancestors is final."


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