Photo: Channel 2
Aviv Geffen
Photo: Channel 2
Famous rocker prevents suicide
Aviv Geffen heeds midnight hour request by police to convince 20-year-old Tel Aviv resident not to kill himself


Rock singer Aviv Geffen was called upon late Friday night by Israel Police to help prevent a 20-year-old Tel Aviv resident from committing suicide.


The young man called police from his home on Kishon Street at around midnight and threatened to kill himself unless he meets Geffen; his parents were at home during the event, but were not allowed to enter the distressed man’s room.


Police forces were dispatched to the scene to try and dissuade the young man from carrying out his suicide plan. Meanwhile, firefighters placed an inflatable air-mattress under the third floor apartment.


But the young man could not be persuaded, and officers in charge decided to summon Geffen, who was driven to the scene in a police car; Geffen then entered the apartment and convinced the man not to commit suicide.


The firefighters were dismissed, and Geffen and manager Meir Kutler remained to speak with the young man, who was later taken in for a
medical examination.


It remains unclear why the young man locked himself up in his room or why he wished to speak with Geffen; police sources said that the young man mentioned the fact that the IDF refused to enlist him, but added that it has not yet been determined whether this is what triggered the suicide threat as the young man has a history of psychiatric treatment. 


First published: 01.21.06, 09:54
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