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Photo: Reut Hefetz
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Can you 'sell' Israel?

Think you know something about PR? Can you promote Israel overseas? Come up with the winning slogan and you'll win a free trip

Let's start from the end: At the bottom of this column, somebody could win a trip to Israel, courtesy of Ynetnews and Israel at Heart. You probably want to know what you need to do in order to win this great prize. Patience, my friends. Details to follow.


First, a riddle: What Ynetnews columnist has been called "shallow and arrogant," "insane Ashkenazi," "Bibi junior," and a "worthless impotent" by talkbackers? No clue? I'll save you the effort: It's me. Seems emotions run high in a PR column.


All my stories garner extreme reactions: Some think I am not tough/political/sharp enough, some think I am all of those things and more.


Even when I write about new ideas to promote Israel, talkbackers fume: Dana from Kfar Saba thinks my ideas are "disgraceful," Michal claims I am simply "sub par," and someone – probably from the US summed up: "cut the B***S***."


Great talkbacks


Now, everyone knows Israelis love talkbacks, but there's another reason for the strong reactions: Israel's image is a national obsession. There's nothing we enjoy kvetching about more than how badly we "sell" ourselves.


Every Israeli believes he is another Henry Kissinger, convinced he could do a much better job than I do. Just give 'em all a year in the
U.S. and a coupla Larry King spots and watch what they'd do.  


Alright, here you go: I've been running around US campuses for nearly a year now, we decided to give YOU a come up with a slogan to "sell" Israel Have you got a great slogan to "sell" Israel? Think PR is your specialty? This is your chance to determine Israel's image overseas. And there's a great prize too.


To the point


If you've got an original slogan that "sells" Israel, you've got a week to send it to us.


The slogan must be in English and should clearly and concisely sum up the message Israel at Heart is trying to communicate. An Israel at Heart committee will select the top 10 slogans and put them up for a vote. The winning slogan will be featured at Israel at Heart's PR campaign.


The writer of the winning slogan will win a trip to Israel (if they reside abroad) or to New York City (if they reside in Israel) at the end of February.


Great gimmick


Joey Low, the man behind Israel at Heart, says a slogan can be a great gimmick.


"The best spokespeople for Israel are Israelis themselves, not political appointees or foreign ministry employees or paid employees of any other Jewish or Israeli organization. Eloquent university students speaking from their heart about the country they know and love are the best ambassadors Israel could ever have.


Pick a winner


Joey and I will review your ideas together with Doron Goldenberg, a public relations specialist.


"A good slogan," says Doron, "transforms a great idea into a great sentence. The simpler and more concise the sentence is, the more effective the slogan will be."


Goldenberg also says the winning slogan will be "emotional and not functional."


"The slogan has to be catchy and not antagonizing," he says.


Got it? It's simple. Get your grey cells working, come up with a great one liner, and send it to us. Who knows – you could win a free trip!


Eytan Schwartz, a 31-year old journalist from Tel Aviv, won Israel's most successful reality TV show, "The Ambassador." Schwartz has spent the year speaking about Israel on behalf of a non-profit advocacy organization, “Israel at Heart .” He is writing a regular column about his experiences for Ynet and Ynetnews


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