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Federman. Sets out against 'illegal burial'
Photo: Amit Shabi
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Sycamore Ranch. Not a designated cemetery
Photo: Dani Solomon

Rightist plans for PM's burial

Right-wing activist Noam Federman appeals to health minister in bid to prevent PM Sharon from being buried in Sycamore Ranch alongside his wife; says ranch not designated cemetery. Request appalling, health minister states in response

While an entire nation keeps its fingers crossed for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been fighting for his life for the last month-and-a-half, some are already busy with the PM's burial arrangements.


In a letter sent by extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman to Health Minister Jacob Edery recently, Federman expressed his concern over the possibility Sharon will be laid to rest in the Sycamore Ranch alongside his late wife Lily.


"Five years ago," Federman wrote in the letter, "Mrs. Lily Sharon, the prime minister's wife, passed away and was buried in the sycamore Ranch, in a place called the Anemones Hill. When I found out about it (five years later), I appealed to the High Court of Justice and demanded Mr. Sharon be questioned on the matter, and that Lily's body be removed from its grave."


According to Federman, although his petition was denied by the court, it turned out the burial was indeed illegal because the place of burial was not designated as a cemetery. In addition, he claimed, the site of Lily Sharon's grave was located inside a nature reserve.


"Sharon uprooted Gush Katif graves'


Consequently, Federman decided to "take preventive steps" and make sure the ailing PM is not buried in his ranch.


"Mr. Ariel Sharon has been hospitalized in a serious condition for over a month, and recently there has been a deterioration in his condition," Federman stated in his letter to the health minister.


"I turn to you in order to make sure that if Sharon dies, he is not buried illegally. I will thank you if you issue an instruction that prevents the Sharon family from bringing him to rest at the Sycamore Ranch," he wrote.


In interview to Israel Radio Wednesday morning, Federman explained he sent the letter at this date, in order to ensure the issue is handled in time.


"When I petitioned the court against Lily's burial, I was told I am right, but that the appeal came too late for the court to do anything about it."


When asked whether he did not feel uneasy sending a letter of this nature while Sharon is still alive, Federman said he faced no such problem.


"Sharon didn't blink when he uprooted the graves in Gush Katif," he said.


Health Minister Jacob Edery said he was appalled by Federman's request.


"A man who works to remove Lily's body out of her grave, and already concerns himself with the prime minister's burial can only be described as loathsome and despicable," Edery stated.


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