Haniyeh. Plans to send ministers to Europe
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Abbas. Free to continue negotiations?
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Report: Haniyeh to present pragmatic plan

In light of U.S., EU's decisions to suspend aid to Palestinian government, Palestinian PM meets with PA chairman; Hamas sources say Haniyeh will acknowledge Abbas' right to manage PA's diplomatic affairs without Hamas involvement

In light of reports on the European Union and the United States' decisions to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas prepared for a meeting between PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh which took place Friday evening.


Palestinian sources said that Haniyeh will present Abbas with a "pragmatic diplomatic program" aimed at minimizing the disputes between the presidential institution headed by Abbas and the prime minister.


According to the sources, the government will acknowledge Abbas' right to manage all the diplomatic affairs without Hamas involvement, and will maintain the right to oppose – or agree to – any diplomatic agreements achieved by Abbas.


Haniyeh said that the meeting would revolve around the division of authorities between Abbas and himself, as required by the Palestinian law. He added that he would insist the government enjoy all the authorities it deserves according to the law.


Haniyeh went on to say that he would discuss with Abbas the international decisions concerning the boycotting of the Palestinian government and promised that the international community would hear "a different Palestinian approach" by the new government.


"An approach based, on the one hand, on the Palestinian rights, and on the other hand, on our real desire for peace based on returning all our rights," he said.


Before the meeting, Haniyeh accused "international powers" of wishing to cause the government and the Palestinian people to fail "in an attempt to blackmail us."


The meeting is expected to focus on the constitutional issue, the joint work and the authorities of each of the parties and the way to battle the harsh economic situation in light of the apparent economic siege against the Hamas government. Referring to this issue, Haniyeh said before the meeting that his government is working to complete a plan aimed at dealing with such a siege.


A Palestinian source told AP Friday morning that the Hamas movement is considering ways to agree to a "two-state solution," meaning recognition of the State of Israel.


The source said that Hamas was ready to soften its stance due to the diplomatic pressure, which caused the PA's economic situation to deteriorate. In return, Hamas will demand that Abbas grant the organization its "constitutional rights," and not deprive it of controlling the PA's security organizations.


Hamas officials told Ynet in response that the movement was not changing its strategic positions and does not intend on conceding its historical principles and the rights of the Palestinian people on the entire territory of Palestine, including the right of return.


Haniyeh: Palestinians should not be punished


According to the officials, "the movement will not sign and will not be involved and will not accept any permanent agreement that will rob or not recognize the Palestinians' historical rights in terms of the territory and the return of refugees."


However, the sources said, "the Hamas government announced from the first moment that it will view the signed agreements between the parties and the existing reality in a very realistic way, without conceding the stances and historical rights."


It should be noted that Haniyeh himself said at the end of the Palestinian government's last meeting that he and his government would not object if Abbas were to continue to hold talks with Israel.


"It is the rais' (leader's) right," Haniyeh said.


Hamas sources say that the civil talks between ministers of the Palestinian government and Israel should not be taken lightly, and that it was a positive and encouraging signal from the movement's point of view.


Haniyeh said during a sermon he delivered at the Friday prayers in the Gaza city of Khan Younis that he plans on sending a number of his ministers to visit the capitals of the world immediately to urge the countries to resume the financial aid to the Palestinians.


Haniyeh added that the Palestinians should not be punished for their democratic choice, and said that Hamas is willing to provide all the required guarantees to the international community in return to continuing the aid.


Haniyeh made his way to Khan Younis from Gaza City escorted by a long convoy of members of the Iz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas' military wing, while hundreds of the movement's men were deployed along the roads to secure Haniyeh's convoy – a task which is usually assigned to the Palestinian police and security personnel.


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