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Hamas legislator Mohammad Abu Tir
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Hamas blames Israel for bombing

Hamas member in Jerusalem tells Ynet Israel, occupation are to blame for bombing; Says decision to revoke his citizenship is arrogant decision because Israel stole his land and is seeking to evict him

Sheikh Mohammad Abu Tir, a Hamas member of parliament and a resident of east Jerusalem holding the Israeli nationality, condemned Israel's decision to revoke his citizenship and that of two other Hamas legislators in response to Monday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv which Hamas said was an act of self-defense.


"There are no words to describe this arrogant and strong decision by Israel," Abu Tir said.

He also commented on the attack saying: "Israel and the occupation are responsible. Before the attack, less than two days before, Israel killed 18 Palestinians."


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened a meeting Tuesday morning to discuss Israel's response to Monday's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Heads of the defense establishment, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Internal security Minister Gideon Ezra attended the meeting.


During the meeting, a decision was not taken about a wide ground operation, but Olmert authorized Livni's recommendation, to revoke the citizenship and residency IDs of all ministers and members of the Palestinian parliament who are Israeli citizens – Mahmoud Abu Tir and two other parliament members.

Other decisions were taken about actual operation in the territories, which were not released for publication. It seems security forces will carry out pinpoint operation in reaction to the terror attack.


Speaking to Ynet Abu Tir said he has demanded clarifications and wondered "if it is a decision or just a recommendation." He said he and his friends are studying the decision from a legal viewpoint. "I can't explain how these two, Olmert and Mofaz, whom I don't know from which country they parachuted on us, decide to evict us from our homes after robbing our land," he said in anger.


Sheikh Abu Tir, what do have to say about Israel's decision?


I don't know how to respond. I have no words to describe this decision. I really can't find words to describe this bold and arrogant decision. First they steal our land and now they want to evict us from our homes. No words and no lexicon to describe this phenomenon and I have no idea in which dictionary or lexicon they found this decision. But tell me, is this a decision or just a recommendation?


Whether it is a decision or a recommendation what do you have to say to Olmert and those responsible?


I have nothing to tell them because we don't understand what's happening, but we will study the issue from a legal perspective. Really, I can’t understand this decision that these two took, Olmert and Mofaz, whom I don't know which countries they parachuted from.


Your response, that of the government and Hamas, which was forgiving for an attack in which civilians were killed led to this decision


I repeat: Don't hold us responsible for this attack. Israel and the occupation are responsible for this attack and the consequences of the occupation. Just before the attack, within less than two days, Israel killed 18 Palestinians. Why are Israelis seeking to run away from responsibility and to lay it with other people? Let them ask themselves what the reason is and why this is really happening.


After the attack you faced a crisis. The world is expecting the Palestinian government to disarm groups including Hamas. How will you act?


There is no crisis and nothing led us to crisis. Israel brought itself to a crisis; it is occupation that brought crisis to Israel. (U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza) Rice' demand in light of what is happening in the territories is insolence.


I swear to God that nothing will subjugate us or divert Hamas from its path. Hamas will not loose. It has nothing to loose so long it sticks by its beliefs and principles. I assure you we will stick by this path and these principles without which we are bound to loose.


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