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Amona clearance
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Struggle against outpost removal planned

Plans for 'civil disobedience' drawn up to prevent outpost clearing

As Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is set to begin his official visit in the United States Sunday, in Israel the Right wing is already drawing up plans the struggle against the plan to clear illegal outposts.


A convoy of buses, a march towards the West Bank outpost of Maale Rehavam, and other plans have already been formulated by a number of settler organizations in Judea and Samaria. The aim: "To prove Jewish ownership over the land and to identify the roads which lead to it.”


A source involved with the planning told Ynet: "The next struggle will be against a leadership which is not at all dependant on the government – not financially and not in any other way, unlike the failed struggle led by Yesha (Council of Jewish Settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip) and certain rabbis last summer. We are talking about a struggle of mass order-refusal to the order of expulsion, and civil disobedience."


He added: "In order to us to save Judea and Samaria from the destruction program Olmert is formulating, we are slowly building an alternative leadership to the Yesha Council, which receives a salary from the State, and can only carry out a symbolic protest, and nothing beyond that."


'Come and help us'


With that, officially, things sound less harsh. A letter distributed to Gush Etzion residents, as well as residents of Hebron and Kiryat Arba, calls on settlers to fortify Maale Rehavam: "In light of the malicious intention of the Olmert government, which is acting according to script of Peace Now to take out dozens of neighborhoods and Jewish communities in the Land of Israel, falsely labeled 'illegal outposts,' and including Maale Rehavam, we are setting out for an operation to fortify and get to know the place, through a tour, and planting trees."


Maale Rehavam Secretary Drori Bar Lev wrote: "The government is trying to divide and rule. I believe we are all in one boat and if we let Maale Rehavam be destroyed, the uprooting of Tekoa and Alon Shvut are only a matter of time. Therefore all of you, all of us, must see every caravan in Maale Rehavam and make clear that there won't be any more uprooting or expulsion. We are calling on you to come and strengthen us. Come in your masses to prevent this."


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