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Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh
Photo: Reuters
Hamas auctions off clothes of 'martyrs'
In desperate bid to raise money, terror organization auctions off dead terrorists' clothing items
Hamas has found a new way to try and cope with its financial crisis - by auctioning off items of clothing that belonged to dead terrorists.


A broadcast on Arab TV news network al-Jazeera, translated and made available by MEMRI, shows a Hamas auctioneer, flanked by other

Hamas members, trying to sell off the clothes to the highest bidder.


"Brothers, there is a man who has left us a few years ago. He sacrificed his soul, as a mujahid (holy warrior) for the sake of Allah. Everybody knows him. Palestine knows him. Egypt knows him. The land of Palestine and the land of the world... Every proud free man in the world knows him - The leader of 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, Sheik Sallah Shehada," the auctioneer said.


"Oh Muslims, on the land of Gaza, on the land of Palestine, and around the world - Today we are opening the auction of a jacket which belonged to the martyred leader Sallah Shehada. Who will buy it in support of the government of Palestine? Twenty dinars. Who offers a higher bid?"


'Who wants to buy a place in heaven?'


The video shows the auctioneer haggling with buyers. "Five hundred dollars. Allah Akbar, praise be to Allah. Who offers a higher bid? One thousand dollars. Who offers more?"


Another man calls out: "Who wants to buy a place in heaven for a small sum in this world?"

The jacket is eventually sold for 3,000 Jordanian dinars.


"Allah Akbar, praise be to Allah. The world is listening to you, so let it hear: Allah Akbar, praise be to Allah," the auctioneer screams. 


The auction ended with an exchange between the auctionner and the crowd.  "What is your goal?" asked the auctioneer. "Allah," the crowd shouted back.


Auctioneer: "Who is your leader?"


Crowd: "The prophet."


Auctioneer: "What is your constitution?"


Crowd: "The Koran."


Auctioneer: "What is your path?"


Crowd: "The Jihad."


Auctioneer: "Let all the countries of the world hear: What is your highest aspiration?"


Crowd: "Death for the sake of Allah."


Auctioneer: "What is your movement?"


Crowd: "Hamas."


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