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EU member: Hamas, like Hitler, elected democratically

Staunch Israel supporter Charles Tannock says ‘how can we negotiate with Hamas when its charter calls for Israel’s destruction’; adds: ‘European party with same policy would have been banned for involvement in terror, jihad’

BRUSSELS – European Parliament member Charles Tannock said Wednesday the fact that Hamas was elected democratically, like Adolf Hitler, does not mean it should be accepted.


“How can we negotiate with them when their charter calls for Israel’s destruction,” said Tannock, a member of the UK Conservative Party.


Speaking to reporters at the European Parliament, Tannock launched a scathing attack on Hamas, saying that a political party with the same policy ‘would have been banned in Europe for being involvement in terror and the jihad.’


Commenting on the Iranian nuclear crisis, Tannock said “why does a country with so much oil need a nuclear reactor for energy.”


He said he recently met an Iranian official who told him that “if Israel has an atomic bomb then why are we not allowed to have one as well?” I don’t know if Israel has an atomic bomb or not, but this statement clearly reveals Iran’s intention, Tannock said.


He went on to mention the achievements of the pro-Israel EU officials, specifically the call to ban Hamas in 2003.


'Israel is not part of Europe'


Tannock said that just last week the pro-Israel bloc in the EU tried to prevent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from visiting Germany ahead of the World Cup games, adding that pressure is still being applied on the German government on this matter.


Turning his attention to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s realignment plan, Tannock said he would support it ‘if Olmert believes it is the best way to guarantee safe borders for Israel.’


Regarding the possibility of Israel joining the European Union, Tannock surprised reporters by saying that he opposes such a move, as, geographically-speaking, ‘Israel is not a part of Europe and is surrounded by countries such as Syria, Jordan –countries that are not candidates to join the EU.’ 


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