Photo: Raanan Ben-Zur
Amana Muna
Photo: Raanan Ben-Zur

Female terrorist attacks fellow inmate

Amana Muna, serving at Sharon prison for luring Israeli youth over the internet to his death in Ramallah, to be transferred to Neveh Tirza prison to put end to her dictatorship in ward

Female security prisoner Amana Muna, who is serving time at the Sharon prison for her involvement in the murder of an Israeli youth, will be transferred to the Neveh Tirza prison for attacking a fellow inmate.


Muna used the Internet to lure 16-year-old Ofir Rahum from Ashkelon to Ramallah, where he was ambushed and shot to death by two Fatah terrorists.


Muna is considered one of the dominating prisoners at the Sharon prison. She lords unchallenged over the security wing where female Fatah-faction prisoners are held and was chosen the “prisoners’ spokesperson.”


This time, the violence erupted in the prison yard. Wardens who saw Mona scuffling with another inmate hurried to break up the fight. The other woman was transferred to the prison’s hospital wing for medical treatment.


In probing the incident, wardens discovered that Muna attacked the woman for criticizing her disrespectful and bullying treatment of the other inmates in the ward. Muna stood a disciplinary hearing in front of the prison commander, who sentenced her to seven days in isolation, a month without visiting rights and a monetary fine.


Commander of the Sharon bloc in the Prisons Authority, Nazim Sabiti, decided to separate Muna from the 100 other security prisoners incarcerated in the ward and ordered her transferred immediately to the Neveh Tirza prison.


Previous incidents


Muna has been reprimanded in the past for numerous attacks on cellmates.


She has been punished with solitary confinement multiple times due to her behavior and she was forbidden from serving as the prisoners’ spokesperson. Three months ago Muna signed a pledge vowing to improve her behavior, and in the months since then she kept her word - until today.


To whoever visits the prison, it is immediately clear that Muna rules affairs there. While other women dress modestly in long dresses in head coverings, Muna walks around in jeans and imposes her authority over the other prisoners.


Prison Authority spokespeople said the Neveh Tirza prison where she is being transferred holds only a few female security prisoners, so she will have no one to rule over.


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