Photo: Dudu Vaaknin
'Israelis are invited to learn how they have been suckered.' Security wall
Photo: Dudu Vaaknin

Wall of lies

We've all been had: 'Security fence' really lie meant to protect settlement enterprise

The route of the security fence is rapidly becoming part of classic Israel. All the elements are present that turned Jewish labor into a deception and the responsibility to provide security into a poke in the eye.


More than the entire settlement enterprise that the fence is intended to protect, the "security fence" is becoming a memorial to all the damage and the crimes of the occupation. With cement, barbed wire and ditches, with building work and orders to dismantle, the project has been overtaken by deception, waste, cynicism, and the bad will that are taking over and strangling our security and our future.


Built in lies


Despite the welcome suggestion by Defense Minister Peretz, he knows full well there is no way to rescue the truth about the fence's route, because the lies are "built in."


The original – entirely reasonable - claim that building a wall along a defensible border would defend Israel against suicide bombers exploding themselves in the heart of our cities – came from inside the green line, as a joint proposal of retired IDF brass and the settlement workers.


The Sharon government rejected the plan because its diplomatic implication was "realignment." Once the decision was made to build the fence, too late to prevent a lot of tragic bloodshed, it was born with a wink and in sin. The government may have told Israeli citizens and the world that the fence had only security in mind and wouldn't set any border, but de facto the fence settled in the minds of many Israelis as the one straight line between two distant points.


Poisonous snake


It is a poisonous, torturous snake that is making life miserable for Palestinians and there has been no end to the strikes or threats in the direction of he who created it.


Even the firing of Danny Tirzah, a resident of Ma'aleh Adumim and the project manager overseeing the fence's construction, and the person whose signature appears on the false declaration to the Supreme Court, can no longer save the fence from its shortcomings. Amir Peretz need not go too far to find that this security lie has legs, the same legs that turned the settlement enterprise into a bottomless pit of money and a bone stuck in the country's throat.


See for yourselves


Starting tonight, public, that too readily swallowed the government's lies about the fence, can do the same, without getting off the couch. Channel One will be showing "Fence, Wall, Border," a documentary about the fence.


Director Eli Cohen, who documented the building of the fence from the start of the project, presents three episodes and presents the triviality of evil, the idiocy and the deception of the public.


It is enough to watch the first episode, which shows how the settlement of Alfei Menashe was included in the Israeli side of the fence in order to understand why Israel's lack of credibility didn't begin, and won't end, with the IDF's investigation of the Gaza beach incident.


Israelis are invited to learn how they have been suckered, how we are ensuring generations of tears and how it happened that a fence originally intended to prevent further tears has become a wailing wall, and a symbol of and an existential example of national irresponsibility.


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