Photo: Sebastian Scheiner
'Passing before the camp': New Yesha Council document
Photo: Sebastian Scheiner

Yesha Council sets out against realignment

Council says: 'Any decision supporting the giving up of territory of the homeland to the enemies of Israel is illegitimate'

A new document of principles published by the Yesha Council calls on the Israeli public to come out against the realignment plan and withdrawals from the West Bank.


"We are placing the main weight on the stance of the Israeli public on issues that are open to division in society. But every public decision which supports the giving up of territory from the homeland to the enemies of Israel is an illegitimate decision and we will fight it in every moral way at our disposal," the Yesha Council's document said.


The document, obtained by Ynet on Wednesday, details plans by Yesha heads on how to deal with the realignment plan and upcoming withdrawals of outposts. It will be circulated among settlers in the coming days.


The document, entitled "A Torah-based ideological outlook – set principles," is aimed at "clarifying our stance and principles in relation to the people, the land, and our struggle for the whole of the land."


The document also said that the Yesha Council would be happy to receive responses to the document.


'State is our liberation'


The set principles set by Yesha are: "The State of Israel is first and foremost a growth of our liberation, it realizes Jewish sovereignty in the land and our aspiration that Torah principles are realized. We do not accept its weaknesses and fight for its institutions to carry out their aim."


The document adds that "settlement is a commandment to be carried out privately and generally and is a message for our sovereignty on the land and the realization of the liberation process."


Yesha settlers "representatives of the nation, pioneers passing before the camp. We are part of the nation.... our obligation is to guard the nation's wholeness, to become part of society, and to make an impact."


As expected, the document states that "the expulsion of Jews from their state and the selling of it to the enemy is a terrible crime and an illegitimate decision."


The IDF's role according to the settlers is "a war of commandment to inherit the land and the providing of protection for its residents. Our obligation is to be drafted into the army, but the government of Israel should not harm the IDF's role and use it as an army to expel Jews, God forbid. Our role is to fight the goal and to cancel, minimize, delay, and disrupt the expulsion program."



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