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Assad. Infuriated by flyover
Photo: Reuters

Syrian officials: Golan Heights offensive possible

Enraged by Israeli aerial flight over presidential palace last week, Syrian officials threaten future provocations will not go unanswered; warn of cells willing to carry out 'liberation war' against Israel

Syrian border heating up? Days after Israeli aircraft carried out an aerial flight over the palace of President Bashar Assad, Syrian officials began hinting that the country may open a new front in the Golan Heights if it is attacked by Israel.


According to reports, the Israeli flyover deeply embarrassed the Syrians, and officials are now seriously contemplating military action against Israel.


"If Israel carries out further stupidities inside Syria, the Golan front will not remain as it is. Many Israelis will suffer as they suffered attacks from Southern Lebanon when they conducted acts of foolishness there," Parliament Member Muhammad Habash said in a television interview this week.


"Syria's devotion to peace as a strategic option since the Madrid Conference does not mean that this will remain the only option forever. The Syrians have other options as well," he stated.


The MP did not rule out the possibility that Syrian cells will launch a "liberation war" and "resistance" in the Golan Heights territory keeping with the tradition of the Fedayeen (armed militias).


"There are many groups in Syria that are ready for a liberation and resistance war like the one the Lebanese people carried out in Southern Lebanon. There is also a front willing to carry out self-sacrificial acts on the Golan ground," Habash said. "Syria has many options. If Israel crosses the red lines – Syria won't have any," he concluded.


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