They woke up to Katyushas falling

Timothy sat in lotus position, his body speaking spirituality and serenity in time of war; Christina invited herself to sit with him with cans of beer; I watched them from my window

The sights of war draw people to them for various reasons. I hurried to the Lebanese border with the purpose of displaying the courage of a blind patriot, and Timothy the Australian and Christina the Finn thought about drugs. Instead of smoking drugs, they sat against the hills of Lebanon, high off the scenery, instead of smoking against the backdrop of the sunset.


The story started a few hours before. Timothy rented the bed and breakfast to the left of mine, Christina the one to the right. Both of them recoiled from the heat that didn't escape their room until the evening. They first met late in the evening.


Katyusha in north: Photo: Amit Gil


Timothy sat in lotus position on the grass in front of his guest room, his whole body speaking spirituality and inner serenity despite the war, when Christina invited herself to sit with him bearing cans of beer.


I watched them from my window – two spoiled and detached youth who were endlessly impressed by the mind-boggling pace of the airplanes above.


"Bzzz," Timothy imitated the dips and dives of the airplanes with his right hand. "Are you sure we didn't do any drugs?" gushed Timothy.


Between flyovers they talked about Christina's fears.


"What are you so scared of?" Timothy asked.

"Of death. I'm afraid to die."

"Everyone is afraid to die," said Timothy

"I'm obsessed," Christina cut him off.

"Yup," said Timothy who had learned not to argue.


They stayed up talking well into the night. They didn't touch, didn't develop any hopes of closeness and warmth. They got tired and each went to his separate room alone. Their parting seemed natural and invited.


Christina runs in a panic


They didn't wake up until the barrage of Katyushas passed over us. Christina slept half-dressed, essentially in nothing but a sheet, and Timothy slept in his underwear without a sheet, with the door open. Christina was gripped by fear. She ran in a panic, wrapped in a sheet, from her room to Timothy's, and fell on him crying and shaky.


Timothy behaved nobly. With one hand he hugged Christina, transferring to her waves of positive energy, while with the other he made sure she stayed covered by the sheet. If, in a moment of distraction, the sheet fell, Timothy swiftly returned it to its place and tied it around her back. He didn't hurry her to leave once the quiet returned.


He remained lying on his bed and worriedly followed Christina's attack of happiness as she danced on the bed - American country dancing mixed with Eskimo steps, accompanied by Indian calls. Timothy knew that wasn't the time to turn his attention to her sheet which was abandoned on the side of his bed and when Timothy started to kiss her she said that she really needed it.


The next night was quiet. Christina had no reason to disturb Timothy's sleep until late in the morning. Timothy awoke on his own. Upon seeing that it was already light out he was surprised, and a little disappointed, that Hizbullah dawdled with their Katyushas. He looked around and went back to sleep.


Christina also woke up, but she was awoken from a nightmare about a barrage of Katyushas passing over them. She ran in a panic to Timothy's room, who slept, as is his habit, with the door open, and fell on him shaking. This time, they immediately slept together and Timothy said they could cut expenses by staying in one room together.  


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Photo:Galit Kosovsky
He was surprised it was already light out
Photo:Galit Kosovsky