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IDF tanks near border
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Bint Jbeil. Fierce battles
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Soldier killed in south Lebanon

Hizbullah gunmen fire antitank missile at armored vehicle operating in Dibel village near Bint Jbeil; Staff Sergeant Philip Mosko, 21, from Maale Adumim - who served as paramedic in Paratrooper Brigade – killed, five troops lightly injured

Bitter battles in western sector: Staff Sergeant Philip Mosko, 21, from Maale Adumim, who served as a paramedic in the Paratrooper Brigade, was killed during fierce fire exchanges between IDF soldiers and Hizbullah in the village of Dibel near Bint Jbeil Monday night. Five troops were injured in the incident. 


The injured troops were evacuated to Israel by IDF forces and the families of the soldiers that have been hurt were notified.


Hizbullah gunmen used an improved antitank missile, which was fired at a Puma-type armored vehicle that was carrying a number of auxiliary forces troops, including paramedics.


"Hizbullah has a variety of improved missiles and when such a missile is fired at an armored vehicle, damage cannot be completely prevented. Usually the vehicle sustains slight damages and the troops remain unharmed. In some cases the outcome is more severe, and this is something we will need to address," a military official told Ynet.


Also early Tuesday, a number of soldiers were injured in clashes between the IDF and Hizbullah in the village of Labouna in southwestern Lebanon. Clashes occurred also in the southwestern Lebanese village of Aytaroun.


Seven Hizbullah terrorists were killed in those clashes. Two terrorists were killed in the village of Rima in southeastern Lebanon. Another terrorist was killed in Bint Jbeil and four other were killed by special forces in southwestern Lebanon.


Seven rocket launchers were destroyed when a Hizbullah truck was attacked. Five Hizbullah terrorists were captured in Bint Jbeil. 


Additionally, the Israeli Air Force struck some 80 targets in Lebanon overnight, including 42 structures used by Hizbullah, over 30 access roads and six rocket launchers.


3 soldiers killed Monday in Bint Jbeil


On Monday, three Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with Hizbullah terrorists in Bint Jbeil.: Staff Sergeant Malko Ambao, 22, from Lod, Staff Sergeant (Res.) Noam Meirson, 23, from Jerusalem, and Major Yotam Lotan from Beit Hashita. Five Hizbullah terrorists were killed as well.


Paratroopers operating in Bint Jbeil to locate weapons stashes around the town came under fire. Ambao was killed in exchanges of fire that erupted when troops encountered Hizbullah terrorists.


An antitank missile was fired at a tank during the clashes, and killed the two other soldiers.


In another incident an officer and two soldiers were injured moderately in exchanges of fire with terrorists in Houla, in southeastern Lebanon.


Four terrorist hiding in a house used to store arms were killed in the attack.


The Lebanese cabinet unanimously approved the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon when Israel pulls out.


The plan stipulates that 15,000 soldiers will be deployed in posts previously held by Hizbullah.


Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said Hizbullah agreed to the plan.


Shiite Lebanese make up most of the Lebanese Army's ranks and pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud, the former Chief of Staff, is a supporter of Hizbullah.


The cabinet said that if diplomacy fails to solve the issue of the disputed Shebaa Farms, Hizbullah will hold the right to act militarily.


Efrat Weiss contributed to the report


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