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Gunmen in Gaza
Photo: Reuters
Gaza: Islamic Jihad member, shepherd killed by IDF
Islamic Jihad member killed, another injured in fire exchanges with troops near Gaza's border. In separate incident, 30-year-old shepherd shot to death by troops near Beit Lahiya

Israeli troops on Friday fired at a group of Palestinian gunmen near Gaza's border with Israel, killing one gunman and wounding a second, Palestinian medical officials said. Palestinian security officials said the men were members of Islamic Jihad, a group that has carried out numerous attacks against Israel. Islamic Jihad confirmed that a 19-year-old member was killed.


In a separate incident, a 30-year-old Palestinian shepherd was killed by IDF fire in the northern Strip, near the town of Beit Lahiya.


The army said it fired at two Palestinians who were engaging in "suspicious activity" Near Gaza's border fence with Israel.


The Palestinians also claimed that army forces did not allow for ambulances to go through and evacuate the wounded men.


Three Hamas members were killed and a third mortally wounded by an explosion which took place Friday in the village of Dir Abu Daif, in the Jenin area.


Palestinian sources say that the blast apparently took place because of a 'work accident' which took place while preparing explosives.


A hospital in Jenin is attempting to save the life of the third Hamas member. Palestinians are checking the circumstances of the blast.


On Thursday morning, two Islamic Jihad members were killed in a in the Bethlehem area, in a clash with an IDF force. Palestinians say dozens of IDF vehicles surrounded the home in which the two were staying.


Exchanges of fire ensued, in which they the two gunmen were killed.


Palestinian witnesses say a man was injured overnight in an Air Force strike in Gaza City. According to witnesses, the attack was directed at a structure used to manufacture rockets, and the building was destroyed. The IDF said the building was used to manufacture weaponry.


On Thursday, Mahmoud Abbas said Palestinian organizations agreed on a ceasefire and a calming down period. Hamas denied Abba's claims, as did Islamic Jihad.


Associated Press contributed to the report


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