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Sorry? Gibson
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Gibson not to apologize on Yom Kippur
Mel Gibson had a chance to say 'I'm sorry' during the ultimate day of forgiveness: Yom Kippur. But alas, he declined

The rabbi who invited Mel Gibson to speak at his temple said that Gibson has officially declined the invitation to appear before the Jewish congregation, reported the showbiz website TMZ


Rabbi David Baron told TMZ that he was recently contacted by Gibson's publicist, who claimed the actor remains "deeply involved in personal work which includes rehab, therapy and counseling for alcoholism."


Baron asked Mel Gibson to his temple on Yom Kippur following the star's drunken anti-Semitism slur. In the letter, Baron made it clear that he "did not invite Mel Gibson to speak; I invited him to deliver a public apology."


Because of Gibson's situation, Baron said he has extended the offer to a later date. In addition to the invitations, Baron said he has also volunteered to join with a group of Jewish leaders dedicated to educate Gibson about the dangers of anti-Semitism.


Late Friday afternoon, Mel Gibson's publicist, Alan Nierob, told TMZ that "Mr. Gibson hasn't declined any offers, as I haven't even discussed any offers with him. It's way too soon in his recovery, and frankly he is not interested in anything public or a photo opp."


Meanwhile, more Hollywood stars pledged their support for Gibson. Kelly Osbourne was offered a tank top poking fun at Gibson, but declined, saying: "I can't. I'm friends with his kids."


Popstar Pink said that Gibson needs help: "I'm a fan of his work. I think anybody with opinions like that needs well-wishing. And I'm Jewish. Alcohol makes you do crazy thing."


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