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'Hizbullah trying to improve its image.' Yadlin
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IDF: Syria will try to reclaim Golan

IDF Intelligence Chief Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin tells Knesset committee that in aftermath of Lebanon war Syria will try to reclaim Golan Heights through either diplomatic or military means; adds: Iran using Syria as giant weapons cache for Hizbullah

The head of the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that after the war with Hizbullah, Syria will try to reclaim the Golan Heights through either diplomatic or military means.


Yadlin said that Hizbullah is trying to improve its image among the population in southern Lebanon by offering Iranian-funneled financial compensation for damaged property.


He said Iran is deeply involved with Hizbullah, and is training Hizbullah members in a number of military areas, as well as funding, and providing orders to the organization.


"Iran is using Syria as a giant weapons cache for Hizbullah – through direct transfer or via payment to the Syrians, so that the arms are sent to Hizbullah," Yadlin said.


He added that the Syrian army has returned to a normal state of alert, after it was raised during fighting between the IDF and Hizbullah in Lebanon.


Although Iran's involvement wasn't hidden, Yadlin turned the attention of the committee to Hizbullah's preference Syrian, rather than Iranian weapons.


"Most of the Katyusha rockets, except for the long-term missiles (Zelzal) were from the Syrian, not the Iranian arsenal," he said.


Yadlin said Syria began gradually reducing the state of alert of its forces a number of days after the ceasefire declaration, and that the army is currently at a normal state of alert.


He added that Syria has hoped to use the crisis to increase its regional relevance, and that it was "disappointed by the end outcome of the war which did not include it."


With that, Syria is satisfied with Syria's management and is encouraging the organization to resist being disarmed. Syria is attempting to take away operative lessons from the way Hizbullah managed its war against Israel.


'Hizbullah is continuing to arm itself'

Yadlin said the speech of Syrian President Basher Assad showed a will to create relevance. "Assad presented his view according to which 'the resistance' and force bring results against Israel. He emphasized his wish for peace as a strategic choice, but also said that it could be reached via a number of ways – one of them through 'resistance.' His comments regarding 'resistance' began before the war in south Lebanon, and the war gave another push to these expressions."


Yadlin said Hizbullah is continuing to arm itself and is trying to recover its stance among the population of south Lebanon through rebuilding their homes with Iranian money.


In Israel, there is concern that the Syrians are continuing to pass on arms to Hizbullah and are hoping that the multi-national force will monitor the border passages. It was reported Thursday that containers were transferred from the Latakia and Tartus ports in Syria to south Lebanon.


Regarding the Palestinian arena, Yadlin said that terrorism and attempts to carry out "quality" attacks from Gaza have not ceased, and that preferred targets are border crossings.


He said Hizbullah formed a model for the Palestinians. "They know that they are still far from reaching the goal, but certainly they are striving to increase their striking capability in Israel. Therefore large amounts of standard explosives are being smuggled in, through which terror organizations plan to increase the heads of the Qassam rockets, and they are working to increase the range of the rockets," he said. 


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