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Olmert: Receives most American support
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King Abdullah in second place
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Abbas ranks last
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US: Support for Britain, Canada and Israel

Poll conducted in Connecticut shows Israel is ranked in third place, after Britain and Canada, on support meter in US. Another survey, referring only to Middle East, shows that Israel enjoys broad support. Olmert is most admired leader in region

WASHINGTON- Americans' support of Israel continues to be high despite, or perhaps even because of, the war in Lebanon, a new poll published Wednesday in the United States revealed.


From the results it emerges that Israel is ranked in third on the support scale, after Britain and Canada.


The Polling Institute of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut asked Americans to rank 15 countries, as well as the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations, on a scale of zero to 100. The results: Britain received 78.3 points out of 100, Canada, America's northern neighbor, received 71.7 points in second place, and after it, Israel in third place with 65.9 points. India was ranked fourth with 53.4 points, and after it, Mexico, with 51.4 points.


In contrast with the support of Israel, the Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians lost points after the war in Lebanon. Among the last on the list, the Palestinians cash in with 22.8, with Syria trailing not far behind with 21.7 points. The very last on the list were North Korea with 15 points and Iran with only 13.9 points.


One of the pollsters, Peter Brown, said that the changes following the war in Lebanon strengthen the American position that Israel is a friend of the US, and that Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians are not. He emphasized that the largest change was seen amongst political independents, those who don't identify with either the Republican or the Democrat parties.


The largest show of support for Israel was seen among Republicans (70.9 points). Next were independents (68.1 points), and after them Democrats (60 points). Support for Israel was greater among men (71.9 points) than among women (60.5 points).


Israel and Olmert in first place 

Another poll taken by Harris Polling Institute, published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal, surveyed American sentiment toward 13 countries and eight leaders and organizations in the Middle East. The poll shows that Israel is considered the friendliest nation to the US in the region, when 75 percent of Americans see Israel as a very close ally or a friendly nation that isn't an ally. At the bottom of the list is Iran, who 76 percent of Americans see as an enemy state.


Among Americans supporting Israel, 47 percent see Israel as a close ally, and another 28 percent see her as a good friend, but not an ally. In contrast, 16 percent see Israel as neither a close friend, nor an enemy. Only 8 percent of the respondents see Israel as an enemy of the US.


After Israel, those appearing as friends and allies are Kuwait (51 percent), Turkey and Egypt (both 45 percent), Saudi Arabia (44 percent), Jordan (43 percent), Qatar (33 percent), Afghanistan (23 percent), Iraq (18 percent), Lebanon (15 percent), Libya (12 percent), Syria (8 percent), and Iran (4 percent).


Americans ranked the leaders and organizations in the Middle East. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in first place with 49 percent supporting him. Second is King Abdullah of Jordan (44 percent), next is Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani (37 percent), Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora (31 percent), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (25 percent).


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