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Only short jail sentences (Illustration)
Photo: Reuters
IAF sex scandal ends with incarceration
Base commander sentences 10 soldiers to 21 to 42 days of incarceration for having had intercourse with 14-year-old teen girl at Air Force base in south. Troops put on disciplinary, not criminal, trial

The sex scandal that sent shock waves through the Israeli Air Force concluded Thursday with verdicts of between 21-42 days of incarceration for 10 of the 30 soldiers that were involved in the affair.


The 10 were the first to stand for disciplinary trial, after the Judge Advocate General decided not to issue criminal indictments against them.


In the course of the affair’s investigation, dozens of soldiers serving at the Nevatim air force base in southern Israel were questioned on suspicion of having had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl who lived with her family at the base.


The base commander, Colonel Amir, launched a series of speedy trials Thursday and sentenced 10 of the troops to varying periods of incarceration in military prison.


Amir, who replaced former base commander Colonel Eerez, who resigned his post in wake of the events, sentenced the soldiers for offense of disgraceful conduct.


Most of the soldiers have already begun serving their sentences in military prisons Thursday.


Teen spared from testifying 

All the soldiers who were sentenced Thursday morning still serve at the base as part of their compulsory service. In the coming days more troops will be tried, including soldiers who have already been discharged and are now on reserve duty. According to an army official, the reservists will be called up for reserve service, in the course of which they will be tried for the offenses they are charged with.


IDF sources estimate that the trials of all those involved in the affair will conclude within two weeks.


Earlier, the JAG has already ruled that two non-commissioned officers who had intercourse with the girl will be discharged. Another two career officers, a first lieutenant and a NCO, who allegedly knew of the affair but failed to report it, will be put on trial in the coming days as well.


The JAG decided not to issue criminal indictments against the soldiers after having reached the conclusion that the troops were unaware of the teen’s age and believed it to be 16. It was also decided not to compel the teenager to testify in military court in order to spare her the ordeal.


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