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Opposition head Netanyahu finds way around media to reach public. Starting Wednesday night Netanyahu joins list of public figures with online blogs

Starting Wednesday night, Opposition Chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) has joined the list of Israeli and international public figures running internet blogs. This list even includes Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


The blog was launched Tuesday night, and it's main purpose is to get Netanyahu's message directly across to the public, since the media has not been giving him sufficient airtime, he's now found a way around them.


Netanyahu's associates have nicknamed the blog 'The Bibi blog', and are very excited about it's launching. According to them, Netanyahu wants to reach each and every citizen, and if a blog is the only way, then so be it.


So far the blog includes Netanyahu's weekly article, pictures from his life, forms for joining the Likud, news clips, videos of Netanyahu's speeches from around the world, and of course many reminders of the fact that he warned of the dangers or Iran, the disengagement, Hizbullah and more.


Feeback welcome 

Netanyahu's opening message to the public starts by expressing how pleased he is to be able to have an open dialogue with them through this blog. He also welcomes feedback and ideas through talkbacks.


He also says that he will be "presenting my views and the plans that me and my comrades plan to implement when we return to power."


For Netanyahu, this blog is part of a three-part plan to reach the public. This plan includes touring the country and visiting developments towns, the traditional media, and now, this blog.


He stressed his appreciation of talkbacks and emails and said "what could be more important for a public figure?" in order to keep in touch with the people.


For now, Netanyahu says all talkbacks are welcome, even those less positive ones and said "I am known to be a democrat."



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