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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
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From the mouth of Abbas

PA leader's criticism of rocket attacks ignored by western media

Today I read the most sensible few sentences to fall out of a Middle Eastern leader's mouth in many months. They were spoken by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and quickly condemned by Hamas, against whose ongoing terror attacks they were spoken:


"Gaza is free of occupation, but there are no investors and no prosperity," Abbas said. "We dreamed that (Gaza) would prosper and dozens of investors from all over the world came to Gaza. Nothing has come to fruition. We decided it was better to fire rockets. Israel left, said goodbye, and instead of (Gaza) remaining calm and flourishing, there are those that still prefer to fire rockets."


The words of Abbas relate not only to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the entire non-war on Islamic terror in general. This war's antagonists are funded, supplied and inspired by the governments of Syria, Iran, the Palestinian Authority and a handful of others. Though the people blowing up buses and aiming rockets at civilian centers may not sit in parliamentary seats themselves, their directors run several Middle Eastern governments.


When Middle Eastern leaders put the children in their societies ahead of the quest to destroy Israel and bring the West to its knees, the war on Islamic terror will be over. Children in all societies deserve options other than a life of poverty or death as a suicide bomber. The children of Lebanon, Iran and Palestine should have as hopeful a future as those of England and Canada.


West quick to forgive murderers

Since the patrons of terrorism are unlikely to do a 180-degree turn in the foreseeable future, the only solution is to fight them with all economic, political and military might available. We must not allow a botched American operation in Iraq and international complacency to numb our sense of reality. The survival of Western civilization and millions of lives rest on actions taken today.


The West has become quick to forgive those who murder civilians, and even quicker to condemn nations that fight terror with all humane means at their disposal. Until these erroneous judgments are reversed, individuals like Abbas will be unable to help their exploited people and decaying societies.


Unfortunately, top media outlets including the Associated Press, Reuters and CNN neglected to report the Palestinian president's comments about Hamas attacks being the source of instability in the region.


Apparently, the Western media prefers to ignore the truth, even when spoken by Arab leaders themselves. Demonizing the Israeli "occupation" is more popular (and apparently more satisfying) than correctly diagnosing the cancer of Islamist extremism that fuels atrocities from Darfur to Bali.


For the sake of Muslim children and children everywhere, it's time to recognize obvious threats and eliminate them.


The author is an MA student at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School


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