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Abbas. 'Joined axis of liars'
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Hamas complains of 'poor spokespeople'

According to group's website, 'PA continues to employ poor spokespersons, we need to tell world Israel is a murderer'

The Palestinian Authority is failing to get its message through to the world because of "poorly qualified or unqualified spokespersons with inadequate political and linguistic abilities," the Hamas English language website claimed in an editorial Tuesday.


The editorial said Palestinians "need professional spokespersons with excellent knowledge of the world and mastery of foreign languages, especially English, to tell the world in straightforward manner that Israel is a murderer, liar and land thief and that the problem lies squarely in the Zionist theft of our land and savagery of our people ( sic)."


The editorial's main claim is that Palestinian diplomacy "in 2006 has failed," and it accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas of "joining the axis of moderates," which according to the Hamas website "is actually an axis of liars."


The editorial also said the only acceptable arrangement to Hamas which would cause it to end its war on Israel, and allow Islam and the West to coexist peacefully, involved the entry of millions of Palestinians into the State of Israel.


"There can be no peace or stability between Islam and the West, let alone between Israel and the Muslim world, as long as the Israeli occupation persists and the Palestinian people are denied their rights, including the right to have a viable and sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital as well the repatriation of Palestinian refugees to their original hometowns and villages in what is now Israel."


The editorial complained bitterly against a recent soccer game between a joint Israeli-Palestinian team and the Spanish national squad.


"That is why they are always trying to get Palestinian soccer players… to play Israeli counterparts or play with them in one team against a foreign soccer team, as happened recently in Spain. Well, they are trying to spread the message that the problem is not the rape of Palestine by the Jews, the expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their ancestral homeland, but merely a psychological problem and some unresolved psychological complexes," the website stated.


'US is almost messianic'

The American government was also attacked in the piece, which described the Bush administration as being "almost messianic": "This… American administration, which believes that the invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq, was inspired by God, will not award or reward Abbas for being moderate (in the American lexicon 'moderate' means coming to terms with the Israeli occupation and giving up Jerusalem as well as the right of return and much of the West Bank)."


The Hamas editorial also demanded that "the PA… stop talking about Hamas in the presence of foreign (sources), especially American visitors since this would give the impression that the real problem lies in the existence of Hamas, not in the reality of the Israeli colonization and occupation of our homeland."


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