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Pictures of Hussein alongside late PLO leader Yasser Arafat posted throughout PA
Photo: AP
'Saddam' terror group says it's targeting US
Palestinians threaten attacks, form 'resistance organization' named after hanged Iraqi dictator

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip On Sunday announced the formation of what they say is a new "resistance" group to carry out attacks against the United States, Israel and Iran in the name of executed former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.


The new purported organization, the Saddam Hussein Martyrs Brigades, will "hit America, Israel, Iran and all the traitors to our people," according to a pamphlet distributed today in the densely populated Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis and obtained by WND.


"The Zionists and Americans will not dream of more invasion because the reaction of our wing will be very painful. The cells of our organization are spread all around Palestine," the pamphlet stated.


Israeli and Palestinian security sources could not immediately confirm the formation of the purported new group.


Meanwhile, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip this weekend mourning ceremonies continued for Hussein, who was hanged one week ago after being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity.


In the northern West Bank town of Yabed, near Jenin, about 500 people on Saturday participated in a march for Hussein. They also opened a mourning tent in his honor.


In Halhoul, near Hebron, hundreds of Palestinians reportedly attended a rally in honor of Hussein, waving flags of several Palestinian terror groups. Rally-goers burned the Israeli and American flags, and chanted slogans against Iran and against Iraqi Shiite leaders who opposed Hussein.


Pictures of Hussein alongside late PLO leader Yasser Arafat were posted throughout Gaza and the West Bank.


Considered a hero to most Palestinians

Iranian leaders last week hailed the death of Hussein. Iran and Iraq engaged in a bitter war from 1980-1988. Many Iranian Shiites saw Hussein as an enemy in part due to his violent repression of Iraqi Shiites.

Hussein was considered a hero to most Palestinians. His final words last week reportedly included "Palestine is Arab."


During the first Gulf War in 1991, Palestinians cheered Hussein's missile attacks on Israel, chanting, "Beloved Saddam, strike Tel Aviv," as the Scud missiles flew overhead. Some scuds fell short and landed in Palestinian areas.


Hussein further endeared himself to the Palestinians during the latest Palestinian intifada, or terror war, which began in September 2000.


The Iraqi dictator donated about USD 25,000 to the family of each Palestinian suicide bomber and USD 10,000 for each Palestinian killed while committing attacks against Israel. The stipends amounted to an estimated USD 35 million.


Mideast analysts say Hussein's support for the Palestinian cause was mostly aimed at gaining widespread support throughout the Arab world.


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