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Hizbullah supporters in Lebanon. 'We will not tire'
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Hizbullah: Israel admitted it lost war

In special interview with Nazareth-based al-Sinara newspaper, senior Hizbullah official says IDF commanders admit failure of 'Israeli aggression', refuses to address issue of kidnapped soldiers

In an interview to the Nazareth-based newspaper al-Sinara, Hussein al-Hajj Hassan, a Lebanese parliament member on behalf of Hizbullah, says that that Israel has admitted to losing the recent war against Hizbullah.


Hassan was asked during the interview to comment on statements issued by IDF Intelligence officers that claimed that his organization was rearming itself with an even greater stockpile of weapons than it had on the eve of the war.


"This is not the first time that Israel has admitted to its failure in the war of summer 2006 against Hizbullah," Hassan said, "the statements made this week by senior officers in Israel that we are rearming ourselves with even greater force, are a new admission of the failed aggression that meant to strike Hizbullah."


'Prisoners must wait patiently'

Hassan was also asked about the progress made regarding negotiations for the exchange of prisoners between Hizbullah and Israel, several days after Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's deputy Naim Qassem stated that negotiations were in motion.


"I absolutely cannot discuss this issue. There is only one official who comments on this matter and I have nothing else to add. We have been focusing on the prisoner issue for some 10 years but no one speaks of it or of the negotiations until the deal is completed and made public." Hassan said, adding that members of his own organization imprisoned in Israel must "wait patiently."


Hassan also addressed the political crisis in Lebanon, orchestrated by Hizbullah. "The opposition's actions have bore fruit and this is by the tensions afflicting those in power (Fouad Siniora's government).

But there is a need to intensify these actions to overthrow the government. The foolish, nervous statements made by the group in power are the definitive proof that they have failed politically."


Hassan said that Hizbullah is far from exhausted after last month's opposition rallies. "No one has gotten tired and no one will get tired," he said, "I can assure you that the group in power will be the one who will tire but it will not be us."


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