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Iranian Defense Minister Najjar
Photo: Reuters

Iranian minister: Zionist attack on Iran is suicide

Iranian Defense Minister General Najjar says Israel would 'regret action for ever'

Iran's Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, has described "recent rumors" of an Israeli plan to strike Iranian nuclear facilities as a "psychological operation," adding that such an attack would be a "suicidal act for the Zionist regime," according to a report released Thursday by the Fars News Agency.


On January 7, the London Sunday Times published a report in which it was claimed that " Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons."


Speaking at a joint press conference with the Sudanese minister of defense, who is visiting Tehran, the Fars News Agency said Najjar was responding to "the recent rumors about the likely invasion of the Iranian nuclear sites by the Zionist regime."


"I think they are not stupid enough to even think about such an action, because their smallest move will confront the most severe response by Tehran, which will make them regret the action for ever," Najjar was quoted as saying.  


"This is a bluff which serves psychological operation and aims to assess the reaction of the Iranian people and officials," Najjar added. According to the report, the Iranian defense minister also said that "the Israelis have taken back their utterances in this regard."


Addressing the recent US increase in "conventional troops and military equipment in the Persian Gulf, which is said to be a prelude to a war on Iran ," according to Fars, Najjar dismissed the force movements as part of a "psychological war on Iran." 


He also shrugged off the UN Security Council sanctions banning the sale of missile systems to Iran , saying that Iranian scientists were capable of developing weapons technoligies independently.


"Independence has always been the main slogan of our revolution. The resolution will have no impact on Iran's missile capabilities as the Iranian youth and experts, relying on their self-belief, have turned all the countries' defensive needs into home-grown technologies," he said.


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