Warning bells in Britain

British report on Muslim attitude to democracy alarming

An important and interesting report by an independent think-tank released in Britain Monday has found that young Muslims are heading toward religious extremism. 


This is not just a warning bell, it is a thunderous one, but Europeans are unable to take action lest they be accused of not being liberal. On the contrary, the main lessons drawn from the British research is one of self–flagellation, with Brits asking what they did wrong and why they had discriminated against the Muslim community.


The research was based, among other things, on a survey conducted among the Muslim population that showed 37 percent of 16-24-year-old British Muslims would prefer to live under Islamic sharia law (the strict Muslim codes that govern every area of life, from prayers to style of dress) than under British law, compared to just 17 percent of those aged over 55. Obviously, none of the respondents was willing to surrender their British citizenship.


Thirty-seven percent of the young respondents said they would like their children to be enrolled in Islamic schools, compared to 19 percent of adults. Seven percent admitted that they admire terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda; the percentage of young respondents among them by far exceeded that of adults as well.


Most Muslims don't hide views

The implications are clear: British democracy with its liberal values is not perceived as appropriate by the majority of young Muslims, and many stated that they would be willing to see it end once they achieve a demographic majority.


And indeed, 86 percent of overall respondents said that their religion was the most important aspect of their lives. Another interesting and important point was that 74 percent of young Muslims prefer women to wear a veil or hijab compared to 28 percent of the older generation aged 55 and up.


The al-Jazeera website posted responses by surfers from the Arab and Western worlds. Contrary to the common perception in Israel that Muslims in the West are all one and the same – it appears that there is a profound and bitter dispute among Muslims over issues of identity, culture and nationalism.


The vast immigrant population in question was torn away from its former national identity and is now forming a new one primarily through its religion. The second generation of immigrants will turn it into a political and militant religion. The majority of Muslims do not conceal their views, because they would like to see Britain and the whole of Europe as Muslim.


"Even Europe belongs to Allah's nations and sharia should apply there as well," a surfer wrote. Another wrote that the great victory was assured, despite the enemies in the way. Many noted "the beauty of a woman in a hijab," and so on and so forth. Responses by Arab readers who opposed this stance were also of interest. A surfer by the name of Faras, who resides in Europe, wrote:


"What do Muslims want, to turn the West into Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco or Pakistan? In such countries there are no social guarantees, and the level of backwardness is high, with millions of ignorant, illiterate people. When I look at a woman dressed in a hijab, I know immediately that she is backward and submissive.


"The Europeans killed and were killed for democracy, liberty and respect for various cultures, and you the backward desert dwellers prefer the rule of Sharia. Namely, you advocate sacrificing human beings like lambs at the altar."


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