Study finds Israelis have sex more often than most

Global survey finds Israelis mostly satisfied with their sex life, although Israeli men suffer from a higher sexual dysfunction rate. The good news: Israelis ranked second in world in terms of frequency of sex

Israelis have sex more often than the global average and are slightly more satisfied with their sex life than average, a new study found.


The international sex survey was conducted by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which manufactures Viagra, among 12,500 respondents in 27 countries.


According to the study, 51 percent of Israeli women and 43 percent of Israeli men are completely satisfied with their sex life.


Israeli women are more satisfied than the global average (42 percent), but less satisfied than the American women (57 percent) the Brazilian women (58 percent) and the Spanish women (60 percent). The Mexican women top the list, with 71 percent declaring they are totally satisfied with their sex life.


The rate of Israeli men who are satisfied with their sex life equals the global average (43 percent). Brazilian and Mexican men expressed the highest rate of satisfaction with their sex life, 71 and 78 percent respectively.


Sex problems and good news  

On a less positive note, however, the study also showed that Israeli men suffer from a higher rate of sexual dysfunction than the international average. More than half of Israeli men (52 percent) reported suffering from problems with their sexual function to some extent, compared to the global average of 48 percent.


Additionally, 9 percent of the Israeli men said they were using medicines to improve their sexual performance.


And now for the good news: According to the survey, Israelis have sex more often than the global average.


Israelis have sex 7.7 times in 4 weeks on average, leaving behind the global average of 6.48 times per month, but lagging behind the Brazilians, who have sex 7.9 times in 4 weeks.


The Koreans and the Taiwanese reported the lowest frequency of sex (4.65 and 4.5 respectively).


Give and receive pleasure  

But despite these impressive findings, 42 percent of Israeli men and 22 percent of Israeli women stated they do not have sex often enough.


The survey also looked into the participants’ expectations from their sex life. The Israelis stated that the most important thing was “to give and receive pleasure” (99 percent of women and 95 percent of men).


Intercourse was rated as the second most important component of sex life, and the partner’s attractiveness came third. Israeli women ranked foreplay in fourth place, while men ranked orgasm fourth.


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Foreplay or orgasm?
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