Iran is here?
Photo: AP
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Rabbi Batzri
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Rabbi Batzri in round of prayers against Ahmadinejad
Mystic rabbi sets out on journey of prayer around country in order to remove decree of wicked Haman of our generation - Iran's president

The prayers for the Purim holiday have begun: The mystic Rabbi David Batzri, head of the “Hashalom” Yeshiva in Jerusalem, began a round of prayers around the country last week in order to remove the decree of the wicked Haman of our generation, who according to him is the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 


Rabbi Batzri - secret anti-Iran weapon (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


Batzri arrived at the Sukkat David Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He turned to the children and said: “Your prayers are helping your families and all of the nation of Israel, just as Mordechai Hayehudi gathered all the children and prayed with them to remove the decree of the wicked Haman. Haman’s plan was to destroy all the Jews.


"Today we have a similar enemy in Iran. With modern means he intends to make an atom bomb and in one stroke to destroy all the Jews. Therefore we have gathered here today”.


In addition, Rabbi Batzri explained to the children “the Almighty will destroy all of Israel’s enemies. You pray and God will help you”.


During the prayer service Rabbi Batzri distributed sackcloth to the children as a sign of mourning and asked them to spread dirt on their faces in order to protect the nation of Israel.


The children recited the “Selichot” prayer that is recited in the month of Elul and when they read the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy dozens of children joined the rabbi in blowing the Shofar as a sign of supplication.


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