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Livni holds secret meeting against Olmert, source says

Information reaching Prime Minister's Office from Kadima official says Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni looking into ways to oust Olmert

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has been working toward forcing Olmert to resign, sources in the prime minister's office reported on Tuesday.


Despite promises made by Livni's aides on Monday that she would not try to topple Prime Minister Ehud Olmert following the Winograd report, Olmert's aides said that the foreign minister has been secretly meeting with Kadima MKs to discuss the possibility of replacing him.


The information on the secret meetings came from a senior source from within the Kadima faction.



According to the source, Livni has been examining whether it would be possible to oust Olmert and go to elections, or if he could be replaced in the current Knesset.


She has also been looking into how many MKs would support her if she were to oppose against Olmert.


Livni's office has not commented on the report.


'Olmert must resign' 

Among Kadima MKs expressing their desire to see Olmert go on Tuesday were MK Michael Nudelman, MK Marina Solodkin and coalition chairman Avigdor Itzchaky.


MK Michael Nudelman (Kadima) told Ynet that "in a western country, after such a report, there would be no doubt that the prime minister must resign, but here we have a different tradition – we are country of chaos.


"Olmert is not the only one to blame, but I think he will have to resign soon. He will not be able to face the pressure from the public and the public," MK Nudelman said.


MK Marina Solodkin (Kadima) said, "I think there is no other choice but for Olmert to resign. The Winograd report is unequivocal. The report states that he failed, and it is much worse than the leaks before the publication. The report is unequivocal and Olmert must resign."


Coalition chairman Itzchaky told Ynet on Tuesday that he was holding talks with Kadima's Knesset members over the question whether Olmert should resign.


"I am not organizing anything at the moment. It's my duty as chairman of the coalition to look into the situation and examine everyone's opinions in order to know what people think. I am holding talks and checking who is in favor and who opposes the prime minister's resignation," Itzchaky said.


Amnon Meranda contributed to this report


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