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Giving shelter
For the residents of Sderot, living under rocket attacks, 30 seconds can be the difference between life and death. Operation LifeShield provides them with portable shelters
“Under the growing threat of a pending war, there is a huge demand for resilient, transportable shelters that can be immediately deployed. Mayors of cities in northern Israel and many other towns across Israel have written letters requesting LifeShield shelters to provide residents with the protection they so desperately need. We hope we can fulfill this need in time,” said Shep Alster, co-founder of Operation LifeShield.


The emergency campaign of "Operation LifeShield," was launched by Israeli-Americans Shep Alster and Josh Adler, who during the Second Lebanon War and the continuous rocket attacks in Sderot and other towns surrounding the Gaza Strip, recognized the urgent need to provide residents of these communities with protection.


The 42-tonne, rocket-proof shelters, called “LifeShields”, can be placed in public spaces to offer civilians safety from missile attacks.
The organization has 20 shelters ready to place near schools, play areas, hospitals, bus stops and shopping districts within communities in North and South Israel that have no protection. The 12-inch thick steel reinforced concrete air raid shelters, each built according to the specifications of the Israel Defense Force Homefront Command, provide immediate refuge during missile attacks and can be moved from one location as security needs change.


“Operation LifeShield’s goal is first and foremost to help save lives”, said co-founder Josh Adler. “Each shelter has the power of shielding many civilians in communities without sufficient means of protection, while also allowing these suffering people to go out, study, play and lead a normal life - knowing refuge is at hand whenever the air raid sirens sound.”


So far, four transportable shelters have been donated to different locations including

the “Kalanit” kindergarten in Sderot, Ziv Medical Center in Safed, and the Western Galilee Environmental Center in Karmiel, which serves as the damage control center in case of a missile attack on a chemical plant in the region.


“We eagerly welcome the initiative, as a viable solution that has come at such a critical time for Sderot”, said Sderot's Mayor, Eli Moyal. “Just days ago, a Katyusha rocket struck next to a nursery school, where children play every day with no shelters nearby. Seven people in Sderot – including three children – have already been killed as a result of missile attacks, and we fear for the lives of many more due to the lack of shelters. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the generous people who have contributed to this imperative, long-awaited cause.”


For more information about Operation LifeShield and to learn how you can help, click here


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