Exit from Gaza freed us of respnsibility towards Gazan citizens
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Gaza achievement wasted
Post-pullout period gives Israel leeway to respond to rockets; let's use it

The abomination of abandoning Sderot and the Gaza-region communities is making the proponents of remaining in the Gaza Strip and self-righteous journalists rise up and beat their breasts in contrition over the Gaza withdrawal, as if it were the reason for the incessant rocket fire.


Firstly, the rocket fire on Sderot began long before withdrawal from Gaza. Secondly, anyone with any sense knew even then, prior to withdrawal, that Palestinian fire would continue - with the pullout possibly granting legitimacy and freedom for effective response against the acts of terror originating from the Strip.


As each of us understands, and also according to the position taken by legal advisors at the time, our exit from Gaza has freed us of responsibility for the lives of Gaza residents and enables us to better protect ourselves.


Unfortunately, our leadership doesn't understand this - it is flaccid. Instead of using our freedom to operate we are behaving as though we are responsible for the residents of the Gaza Strip. Please wake up. We are no longer responsible for them and don't owe them a thing. This is one of the achievements of exiting Gaza - and it's a shame it is being wasted.


If you want to fire at us - we don't want to sell you electricity. Go find work in Egypt, in the Gulf States or Europe, and in addition we'll also fire back.


Unbearable situation must be changed now

And now let's imagine what it would be like if we were still in the Gaza Strip. Besides the rocket fire on Sderot and the outlaying communities, the bloodbath of soldiers and civilians in Gush Katif, Kfar Darom and Nitzanim would also have continued.


Without going into the subject, it is our right to settle anywhere we like; the Israeli public is simply not prepared to pay the casualty toll of remaining in the Strip. Whether this is justified or not, the majority amongst us is prepared to fight for Sderot at any cost, but it is unwilling to pay the cost of settling in Gaza.


Therefore, even the broad support by the public and the Knesset for withdrawal from the Gaza Strip remains a solid, stable and fixed majority in the long term.


With regards to our leadership, albeit that an alternative from the Right or the Left parties is not in the offing, this doesn't matter. Change this unbearable situation now, not in phases and not in an ongoing operation.


There is no point in the futile speeches of "we shall reach them wherever they are," and other such nonsense. If you don't know how to - go, just go. The statement that "no one has a magic solution" is not a good enough reason to stay.


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