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Katyusha rocket hits northern Israel (archives)
Gilad Har Sheleg

Israel's renovated north, 2007

Ynet photographers return to sites hit and damaged by Hizbullah rockets in summer of 2006. A year later, there is some hope

Haifa – July 17, 2006

In the afternoon hours, a 220-milimeter Katyusha rocket hit the side of a building on Nahalal Street in the Bat Galim neighborhood. A large part of the building's wall collapsed and several people were injured. Luckily, no one was killed.

Photos: Up – Yaron Brener, down – Doron Golan) 


Tiberias – August 2, 2006

A rocket directly hit an apartment building on HaShizaf Street, causing it to collapse. The tenants, who were at a bomb shelter at the time, were not hurt. The five families living in the building were evacuated to alternative homes until the building was renovated. In the photo, Tiberias Mayor Zohar Oved.

(Photos: Hagai Aharon)


Safed – July 15 2006

On Saturday at 4 pm, two rockets hit the Maman family home. Upon hearing the air raid siren, the 11 family members entered the house basement. The head of the family, Ya'akov, died several months after the incident as a result of the pressure and anxiety the family suffered. Only now, a year later, the family members are returning to their renovated house.

(Photos: Avihu Shapira)


Haifa – July 21, 2006

On Friday afternoon, a rocket barrage hit the city of Haifa as an air raid siren was sounded. The Post Office building, one of the Hadar neighborhood's commercial symbols, suffered a direct hit.

(Photos: Up –Raanan Ben-Zur, down – Doron Golan)


Haifa – July 16, 2006

Katyusha rockets hit Haifa's crowded industrial zone in the morning hours. One of the rockets directly hit an Israel Railways train depot, killing eight workers. Another rocket landed in the same place several days later.

(Photos: Up – Yael Golan, down – Doron Golan) 


Nahariya – July 13, 2006

A woman was killed by a rocket in the morning hours of the war's second day. The Nahariya hospital filled up with injured people – residents and soldiers. President Moshe Katsav visited Nahariya as another barrage landed in the city center. A transformer on an electric pole was hit, while injured people were evacuated from a nearby building under fire.

(Photos: Right - Niv Calderon, left - Doron Golan)


Nazareth – July 19, 2006

The north's Arab population was not spared of bereavement and destruction. The Talussi brothers, 7-year-old Mahmoud and 3-year-old Rabiah, were killed by a rocket while playing in their backyard.

(Photos: Up - Omri Eilat, down - Hagai Aharon)


Meron – July 14, 2006

Friday evening in Moshav Meron. A rocket infiltrates the Pesachov family home. Nahariya resident Yehudit Itzkovitch and her 7-year-old grandson Omer were killed at the Shabbat table.

(Photos: Right - Hagai Ahron, left - Avihu Shapira)


Kiryat Shmona – July 23, 2006

A barrage of about 100 rockets hit northern Israel that day. One of them hit a house on Menachem Begin Street in the Vradim neighborhood. The tenants of the house in the photo left it after the attack nd never returned. Today it is populated by a family of new immigrants.

(Photo: Avihu Shapira)


Nahariya – July 13, 2006

On the second day of the war, workers at the Nahariya hospital began moving the patients underground. The northern hospital is the only one which is fully prepared to continue functioning at a time of emergency, and some of its operation rooms are also located underground. The Ophthalmology Unit, which was directly hit by Katyusha rocket, was not renovated to this day.  

(Photos: Up - Niv Calderon, down - Doron Golan)


Tal Rabinovsky and Sharon Roffe-Ofir contributed to the report


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