'Give me strength'
Sick children shake Western Wall
Worshippers at the Western Wall merited an emotional experience this week: sick children from the Haverim L’refuah (Healing Friends) camp came to the Western Wall plaza and burst out in song and prayers for a full recovery. One of them explained: 'You can be happy, even when you are in pain'

Worshippers at the Western Wall will not forget the visit by the Haverim L’refuah camp and the sick children who came with their summer camp. The children, who deal on a daily basis with serious illness, taught their healthy friends what it is to have fun.


'It is possible to be happy even when you are in pain'


With a burst of happiness and loud cries, the children advanced onto the Western Wall plaza in their wheelchairs, where they made a circle and broke out into a song from their hearts, as a curious crowd surrounded them with tears in their eyes.


MK (one of the children) explained in a shaky voice next to the stones of the Wall that “when it is difficult I muster strength, I am happy because I want to be happy, I decide for myself, it is possible to be happy even when you are in pain.” Rabbi Yechiel Landman, the chairman of Haverim L’refuah, emotionally explained, “everyone who meets these sweet children comes to give them strength but they leave strengthened themselves.”


We have become accustomed to hearing about astronomic gifts from oligarchs during social crises, but it appears that the fashion of praiseworthy
gifts has trickled down to the mid-size and small businesses that open their hearts and give as much as they can. In this way, the summer camp from the Haverim L’refuah organization began this week, a diverse camp with dozens of activities, meals, places to sleep, equipment, and transportation all funded by small businesses who have found a way to participate in the Israeli good deeds festival.


It is a special camp that provides the special medical care that sick children need to participate in a camp (individual care, medical equipment, emergency care).

Asking for a refuah shlema (complete recovery)


The Haverim L’refuah morganization serves as the address for anyone who encounters a medical crisis. They offer emotional support, professional advice and legal help. Every year the organization raises NIS 20 million for sick people. They hand out medicine to poor people, take patients on rehabilitative vacations in Israel and abroad, organize private and public parties for sick people, and educate sick children.


First published: 07.16.07, 17:52
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