Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah
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Jews, Christians censure Nasrallah sign in Canada
Billboard sign of Hizbullah leader erected in city of Windsor draws criticism from Jewish, Lebanese Christian community leaders

Jewish and Christian Lebanese community leaders in the Canadian city of Windsor united in calling for the removal of a billboard depicting Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah that was erected over the weekend by one of the city's advertising companies.


One of the men responsible for the sign told the Windsor Star newspaper that the billboard was removed on Monday because Shiite Lebanese community members had paid to have it up over the weekend, rejecting allegations that they were caving in to fierce public backlash.


"What ever we believe, we'll speak about it anytime," Hussein Dabaja told the Windsor Star. "We will speak about human rights, about the truth, about Nasrallah. We're going to do it and nobody can stop us. We'll talk about it anywhere, any place we have a chance."


The billboard drew criticism from the Windsor Jewish Community Centre and the Lebanese Christian Kataeb Party.


Harvey Kessler, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre, told the Windsor Star that the sign was "the opposite of peace" and a message from terrorists.


"I'm pleased it is down," said Kessler. "Hopefully, it leads to a discussion about the kind of community we want to live in.


"Also in the Lebanon and Arab communities, they need to talk about these issues as well, and the kind of community, the kind of Canada we live in. I hope it will generate a lot of discussion and some positive outcome."


First published: 08.14.07, 15:04
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