Archive photo: AP
IDF troops in West Bank
Archive photo: AP
Terrorists looking to attack ahead of High Holydays – IDF
Senior military official says checkpoints throughout West Bank should not be removed as terror organizations in the area 'are highly motivated'

A senior IDF Central Command official told reporters on Tuesday that "terror organizations are highly motivated and are looking to carry out an attack ahead of the High Holydays".


The military, he said, recommended not removing checkpoints throughout the West Bank, partly due to warnings of possible terror attacks against right-wing activists marching to the former settlement of Homesh.


The official said terror activity in the area is emanating mainly from Jenin, Nablus and Hebron, adding that the IDF is also focusing on thwarting Hamas' efforts to seize control of the West Bank after its successful takeover of the Gaza Strip last June.


According to the official, although the Palestinian Authority is cooperating with the IDF and is operating against Hamas' infrastructure in the West Bank, the military is solely responsible for the security in the region and "is acting alone against terror".


Regarding the amnesty deal between Israel and the Palestinians, the Central Command official said "if any gunmen taken off the IDF's wanted list resume their terror-related activities, they will be targeted again.


"However, the situation now appears to be different, and many wanted Palestinians who have agreed to turn in their weapons have stopped all terror activities," he said. 


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