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Clinton supports Israeli 'strike' on Syria

In televised debate, presidential candidate says she supports Israel's alleged air strike on Syria in which she believes a nuclear facility, built with North Korean aid, was eliminated; says attack on Iran not realistic

WASHINGTON - Leading democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton said she supports Israel's alleged strike on Syria in an MSNBC debate Wednesday.


The senator said the United States believed Syria has been receiving technological aid from North Korea in an attempt to build a nuclear facility and that Israel has eliminated that facility.


During the debate which was held in New Hampshire, Meet the Press' Tim Russert pressured the candidates into clarifying whether they would support an Israeli attack on Iran.


In an attempt to avoid the question, Clinton said, "This is a hypothetical question." Russert defended his question and said it was a realistic one; in return the senator said, "What Israel did in Syria is realistic."


Russert quoted statements made by leading republican candidate Rudy Giuliani, who said, "We will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power. If we reach such a situation, we will stop them and take them back 8-10 years."


Clinton quickly responded saying that she too would do everything to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear superpower, but that a diplomatic path of sanctions and direct talks was the way to go, saying that up until now, the US administration has not tried this method.


Clinton's rivals also commented on the Israeli matter and Senator Barack Obama said the US was Israel's strong ally and would support the Jewish state in all security matters.


Regarding Iran, Obama agreed with Clinton that a diplomatic channel should be taken with the Islamic republic, and that economic sanctions should be increased.


Obama added that international forces should unite in placing economic pressure on Iran, and that talks about attacking Iran were premature.


Obama criticized Giuliani's statement calling it "irresponsible" and said such a situation has not yet been reached.


Candidate John Edwards, who is farthest behind in polls, also refused to show any signs of support of military action against Iran.


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