Bush - 'In the end we sat down with N. Korea'
Photo: AP
Bush: US will defend Israel
US President says American perseverance in Iraq positive signal to Iranian people that young democracies are supported, says Iran has made very worrying statements but that US would ultimately be willing to sit down with Ahmadinejad if he complies with international demands

President George W. Bush warned Wednesday of a nuclear-armed Iran but did not rule out that the United States would negotiate with its provocative leader if he gives up his suspected nuclear weapons



Bush said it is important for the United States to stay engaged in neighboring Iraq to convince the Iranians that the US is committed to democratic reform in the region.


''There would be nothing worse for world peace than if the Iranians believed that the United States did not have the will and commitment to help young democracies survive,'' Bush told businessmen and women where he took questions after a talk on government spending.


''If we left before the job was done, there would be chaos,'' Bush said about withdrawing US troops prematurely from Iraq. ''Chaos would embolden not only the extremists and radicals that would like to do us harm, but it would also embolden Iran. What you don't want is to have a nuclear arms race taking place in the Middle East.''


He denounced Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his remarks about destroying Israel.

''In Iran, we're dealing with a country where the leader has said that he wants to destroy Israel,'' Bush said. ''My belief is that the United States will defend our ally Israel.


"This is a leader who has made very provocative statements. And, we have made it clear, however, that in spite of that, we are willing to sit down with him, so long as he suspends his program.''


''In other words, it's his choice, it's not mine anymore. So I believe that's the best way to achieve an

objective,'' the president added.


''If your question is, will you ever sit down with them? We've proven we would with North Korea. And the answer is yeah, just so long as we can achieve something, so long as we are able to get our objective.''