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IDF strike in Gaza leaves 10 Jihad operatives dead

Gaza City's streets ablaze as IAF strikes Islamic Jihad cells. Officials on both sides confirm deaths of al-Quds Brigades' top field commanders and its chief of rocket operations, as Jihad vows revenge

IDF operations in Gaza continue Tuesday as Palestinian sources reported an Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades' cell was taken out near the Jabalya neighborhood. According to the report, three of the cells' operatives were killed.


IDF sources have confirmed the latest strike, which has now left 10 Islamic Jihad operatives dead.


The IDF launched an attack on Jihad operatives Monday night, as an IAF airstrike killed six Palestinians, one of who was later identified as Majed al-Harazin, one of Jihad's senior military commanders, and the head of the organization's Qassam rocket cells.


Palestinian sources further confirmed that among the dead was another senior Jihad operative – Carim Dahdouh.


"The Islamic Jihad and Palestinians resistance organizations will respond to this grave Israeli crime over the course of the following days," al-Quds spokesman Abu Ahmed told Ynet.


"There is no need to make threats, because the resistance and attacks are our means. The resistance is a strategy and not responses – that is why the attacks will continue but at the same time because of this attack, they will intensify," said the spokesman.


Meanwhile, Palestinian sources reported Tuesday the Tariq Abu-Rally, a senior operatives in Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades and the organization's Jenin commander, was killed during the IDF's ongoing operation in Gaza. The IDF has yet to confirm the report.


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