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Neturei Karta: IDF conducting ethnic cleansing in Gaza

Anti-Zionist Orthodox faction denounces military operations in Strip as 'ferocious, bloodthirsty acts of ethnic cleansing', say they fail to understand why world powers 'allow Zionists to commit such crimes against Palestinians'

The anti-Zionist Orthodox faction Neturei Karta denounced Thursday IDF operations in Gaza as "ethnic cleansing."


Established in 1935, Neturei Karta is an Orthodox Jewish group that rejects Zionism and calls for the peaceful dismantling of Israel, citing Jews are forbidden from having their own state until the coming of the Messiah.


"We are appalled by the terrorist massacre performed by the Zionists in Gaza. This ferocious act is just one in a long line of oppressive acts of ethnic cleansing performed against the Palestinian people since 1948 by the evil Zionist movement," said their statement.


The statement was issued on Wednesday, following the IDF operation in Gaza, in which 20 Palestinians were killed.


The official statement also carried a paragraph directed at hard-line Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, whose son was killed in the attack, saying the group condemns the "Zionist brutality."


"The anti-Zionist Jews denounce the violent, bloodthirsty actions made in the name of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion," said the statement.


"We fail to understand why the world powers allow the Zionists to commit such crimes against the Palestinian people, by using F-16 warplanes, battleships and tanks.


"When will the world finally control the Zionists and give the Palestinians in historic Palestine their rights back? When will the world powers stop the Zionists from committing crimes which will lead to world war III?"


The statement ends with Neturei Karta saying Zionism is "cursed" and that "The holy land will return to the Palestinians. It is just a question of when."


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