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Chairman: Pe'er Visner


Israel's Green Party was formed in 1997, with the belief that the way to improve the quality of life in Israel and protect the environment can best be achieved by influencing the political system from within, both on a local level and on a national one.


Officially formed following the 1997 Maccabiah disaster, in which a bridge built over the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv collapsed into polluted water, killing four and injuring 69 athletes. The party – then still "the Green Movement" - ran for municipal elections in Tel Aviv, winning two seats.


The movement became a party in 1998. The party did not reach the voting threshold in the 1999 general elections, failing to win any Knesset seats. The same was true for the 2003 and 2006 elections


Faring better in local politics, the party was able to win seats in 15 local authorities in various municipal elections. In Tel Aviv, the party doubled its strength to four council members.


Main platform:

  • Green politics are relevant to everyone in Israel, regardless of race, gender or age. Israel's environment has been neglected for years, but can still be salvaged. The party will work to increase awareness to environmental issues in all aspects of Israeli life.


  • The party will fight to reprioritize the government's agenda, giving environmental protection its rightful place. The good of the citizens and the environment must come before the good of business entrepreneurs and of those holding monitory wealth. An environmental agenda must be supported by proper legislations and anchored in the Israeli constitution.


  • The Green Party will fight against the destruction of Israel's beaches and green pastures; against air and water pollution; cellular antennas, pesticide and chemical use on foods and mounting waste and the abuse of animals.


  • The party will fight for the protection and preservation of the environment, landscape, vegetation and wildlife in Israel; for smarter urban development conducive to the environment; for recycling and for the smarter use of natural resources and their conservation.


  • The party will fight for an Israeli constitution assuring civil rights and equality for all and will fight any kind of discrimination; the party will fight violence of all kinds.


  • The Green Party will support the peace process with Israel's neighbors and the Arab world and will work to improve relations with world nations.


  • The party will push for green economy, for tax alleviations and for financial growth; the party will fight for the public's right to any information relevant to its health and environment and for governmental transparency. 


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