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Give gays kosher stamp

Asaf Wohl calls on rabbis to replace horrifying gay-bashing with social acceptance of homosexuals

The issue of religious homosexuals is a serious test case for leaders of the so-called God-fearing public. With the exception of very few people, the leaders of this community fail time and again in handling this question. The miserable anti-gay expressions uttered by Orthodox Knesset members are especially concerning, and in fact horrifying.


Had I been God, I would immediately sue those Knesset members for making pretenses to represent me in such a deficient manner.


The argument that “homosexuality contradicts nature” is being heard often. And I ask you, the people who utter such hate-filled words: How do you know that? When were you in touch with nature recently? Can you prove that societies that are also home to homosexuality are naturally inferior to others? And which natural law contradicts homosexual tendencies? The law of thermodynamics? Gravity?


Or perhaps we should be ruling that the fact a man is only allowed to marry one woman contradicts natural laws? After all, the human urge is manifested through attraction to many partners. It is for good reason that more than 50% of men admit to cheating on their wives in all kinds of strange polls. The true figure is probably higher. So let’s be consistent, and turn the issue of infidelity into a legitimate way of life. After all, we must not go against nature!


Our forefathers also had many wives and concubines, why should we make do with only one partner? So from now on, please say that homosexuality contradicts Jewish law, not the laws of nature.


Jewish law permits lesbianism  

Even the argument that there is no such thing as a “religious homosexual” is baseless. If we have religious slanderers, religious thieves, and thank God, even religious murderers, why can’t we also have religious homosexuals, who don’t hurt anyone? After all, those who desecrate the Sabbath in public also deserve to be stoned, so why are you only angry at homosexuals?


This is because the same-sex model threatens the familiar family tradition. And from there it is a short distance to the demonic hatred many among the religious community hold towards the homo-lesbian public.


And still, I believe that somewhere there is a Jewish law solution. First, as far as I know there is no problem with lesbian women in the Halacha. So we are left with a problem about the males. Here I expect the rabbis to resolve this issue once and for all, and preferably not in the Iranian way. I’m not talking about lifting prohibitions, but rather, about social acceptance.


The Jews are a creative people, so I am certain that rabbis will be able to find a patent that would make homosexuals kosher too.


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