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Photo: Yaron Brener
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Purim's bundle of joy

Ynet joins Ruach Tova for a special Purim project aimed at showering Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities with love. Want to show your solidarity? Send a smile to Sderot

The high state of alert typical of Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities all year round is unlikely to break for the holiday, as this Purim, like the ones before it, may see the children of Sderot parade their costumes in between Color Red alerts and sprints to the nearest shelter.


Ynet and the Arison Group's Ruach Tova (the good spirit) Association have joined forces to make sure everyone in Sderot smiles this Purim, launching the special "Send a Smile to Sderot" project.


The project aims at lifting, if only for one day, the spirits of the area's resident, making their holiday as festive as possible.


Want to send a smile to Sderot?

If you belong to a business organization or an educational facility, all you have to do is choose a location, gather 100 Purim packages or more and contact us, using the enclosed form. Ynet and Ruach Tova will send someone to pick the packages up and deliver them to Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities.


Showing support has never been this easy: Organizations, those living overseas and anyone else who wishes to contribute to the Send a Smile project is welcome to contact Ruach Tova.


Want the children to get involved? Have them make cards to go along with the Purim packages.


During the holiday, Ynet will publish some of the most heartfelt, moving cards included in the packages.


Want to do even more?

Organizations and overseas residents can purchase special Purim packages (with a minimum order of 100 packages) made by people with special needs through Matan – Your Way to Give , a leader in creating corporate-community partnerships in Israel. Revenue from the sale of these Purim packages will be reinvested in the welfare of the special-needs community in Israel.



'A show of solidarity'

"Purim is the children's holiday, a time of joy which for the children of Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities has been clouded the by winds of war," said Jon Feder, editor-in-chief of Ynet.


"These children have been experiencing constant anxiety for the past seven years and the adults have had to deal with never-ending frustration. We at Ynet feel it is our duty to go beyond the realm of journalistic reporting and call on all our readers, all Israelis, to try and make this holiday a sweeter one for those living under fire.


"I call on everyone to join this initiative, to show the children of Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities just how much we love them; how much we feel the frustration of their daily routine," added Feder.


Rafi Elul, chairman of Ruach Tova called the project a show of solidarity: "These days, when the residents of Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities are at the front line, and the rest of Israel can only empathize with their distress, we have been given the opportunity to have a real show of support.


"Purim is a joyous holiday, which carries with in the custom of friends sending Purim packages to one another. This year we can experience the full joy of Purim by showing our solidarity with the residents of Sderot and the area, sending each and every one of them a package, proving once more that all Israel are friends."


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