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Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv against killings in Gaza, Sderot

'A country that controls another nation by force is not normal,' demonstrator says. Protestors wave signs reading 'Children in Gaza and Sderot want to live' and 'End the siege on Gaza'

Hundreds of people marched on Saturday along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard to Meir Garden to protest the 41st year of the Israeli occupation and the incessant rocket attacks on the country's southern region.


Demonstrators carried signs reading "Children in Gaza and Sderot want to live" and "End the siege on Gaza".


Among those who took part in the rally was Knesset Member Dov Khenin of the leftist Hadash party, who told Ynet that "the purpose of this demonstration is to warn of two possible wars – a 'small war' in Gaza, and the larger regional war with Iran, which (Transportation Minister Shaul) Mofaz speaks of. The latter may result in a large-scale catastrophe.


Marching down Rothschild Boulevard (Photo: Activestills)


"There is an alternative to fighting," the MK continued, "we can reach a ceasefire agreement and subsequent calm in Gaza; we can discuss a prisoner exchange deal similar to the one that was struck this past week (between Israel and Hizbullah).


"We must advance the negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria and base them on the implementation of the Arab peace initiative. Life here must be based on dialogue and negotiation rather than fighting," Khenin said.


Adi Dagan of the Women's Coalition for Peace told Ynet the rally was organized to "remind people that a country that controls another nation by force– in this case the Palestinian nation - for 41 of the 60 years of its existence, is not a normal country and cannot maintain a normal way of life – not for the Israelis and not for the Palestinians.


"We see that despite the Oslo accords, the disengagement from Gaza and the ongoing negotiations between us and the Palestinians the occupation continues and is becoming a permanent reality of apartheid," she said. 


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