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Jerusalem is losing it

Orthodox insistence that bridge ceremony dancers dress up modestly uncalled for

The only bridge missing in Jerusalem today is the bridge of common sense, which should be used by the turning-a-blind-eye train.


Common sense could have made sure not to have young girls perform dances that annoy many ultra-Orthodox spectators in the inauguration ceremony of Jerusalem’s Chords Bridge. After all, there are many other ceremonies where these girls can perform. However, these days it seems that the ultra-Orthodox, and particularly their functionaries, are annoyed by everything.


The stronger and more influential the Orthodox become in Jerusalem, the more sensitive and vulnerable they get, as if the entire Orthodox pubic is nothing but a huge chunk of fragile feelings, with every dancer on a bridge overwhelming their emotions and trampling their rights in the holy city.


Perhaps it would be worthwhile for the ultra-Orthodox to also learn the art of turning a blind eye: There is no need to see everything or create a scandal over every minor issue. This city is still shared by all of us, and I believe the ceremony was not held at the Western Wall, but rather, on a bridge used by a train.


Orthodox modesty standards 

Yet the Orthodox in Jerusalem, who are provoked by their crude functionaries, do not make such distinction. In their eyes the bridge is as holy as the Western Wall, and a girl in a dancing troupe constitutes complete promiscuity; and if for some reasons these dancers were included in the inauguration ceremony, they will only appear in line with Orthodox standards of modesty – wearing sacks and wool hats.


Orthodox crudity has not yet learned how to look the other way for five minutes – not in Jerusalem at least, which the Orthodox feel they personally own.


There is a new ultra-Orthodox trend these days that is prominently featured in the Orthodox media: Wearing a sackcloth and praying to God. The problem is that quite a few Orthodox are trying to put the whole of Jerusalem in such sackcloth.


On Wednesday, at least two years before the train will actually travel on the Chords Bridge, we saw the first collision. The train car of stupidity and flawed planning by organizers of the show crashed into ultra-Orthodox belligerence. Jerusalem is losing it.


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