Rice. Exposed Iran's weak spots
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Rice says Israeli strike in Iran 'a speculation'
US secretary of state refuses to address reports on Jewish state's plan to attack Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities. US, Israel committed to diplomatic route, but President Bush leaving all options open, she tells CNN
WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State has refused to discuss the possibility of an Israeli strike in Iran, saying this was only "a speculation".


In an interview with CNN aired Sunday, Rice said the United States and Israel hold regular discussions, cooperate and are committed to the diplomatic route, but that President George W. Bush was keeping "all options open".


The secretary of state clarified that the Bush administration has not changed its policy towards Iran, which she defined as "a dangerous country." She claimed that the international sanctions against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime managed to cause damage to Tehran, and that therefore another round of sanctions was expected.


We are exposing Iran's weak spots, Rice said, adding that there were different voices inside Iran expressing an internal dispute in the country. There are those who claim the Iranian policy is costing them economic trouble and isolation, she noted.


Addressing her decision to send a senior envoy to Geneva to participate in nuclear talks with Iran's top negotiator, the secretary of state reiterated that this did not constitute a shift in the American strategy aimed at solving the nuclear crisis.


"I acknowledge that what we've done is to make a step that we think demonstrates to everyone our seriousness about this process. But what has not changed is that the United States is determined to have negotiations only when Iran has suspended its enrichment and reprocessing. That's when the United States can join."


Asked if Saturday's meeting is a one-shot deal, Rice replied, "This is."


"We have one chance to receive the Iranian response. I transmitted the proposal. (Burns) will receive the response," she told CNN. "He will listen, and if Iran is ready to suspend, then the United States will be there."


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