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Shurin. In a state of blackout
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Dov Shurin's disengagement

Artist fails to release any new songs following his devastation over Gush Katif evacuation, until he recalls old song he composed about Jeremiah's prophecy to return to abandoned towns

When one talks about "the new Jewish music," one usually refers to breakthrough of non-Hasidic singers who have been thriving throughout the past decade. But the roots of the great breakthrough stem from many years earlier, in the work of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and some of his followers.


Dov Shurin, who refers to himself as "the rocker of salvation," has been active for 30 years now and has released as much as 12 albums.


In the Israeli music scene he has always been affiliated with the Right, and many of his works have dealt with the battle over the Land of Israel.


But the evacuation of Gush Katif, Shurin has been in a state of blackout. The destruction of the communities was so painful to him that he did not release one new song since then.


The song "Return to Your Towns," brought to you here, was composed by Shurin at the start of his career, but remained in the drawer. Shurin himself says he doesn't know why he kept it.


Several months ago, he suddenly remembered that it existed and decided there was no better time to release the song than on the evacuation's third anniversary.


The song, based on Prophet Jeremiah's words, mentions the names of the destructed communities and includes a promise to return to all of them.


Shurin combined the new song with several previous hits of his, collected from the 12 albums he has released thus far. The new collection will be released in the near future by Hindik Productions.


'Return to Your Towns'

"Set up road signs;

put up guideposts.

Take note of the highway,

the road that you take.

Return, O Virgin Israel,

return to your towns."

(Jeremiah 31)


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