Photo: Gil Yohanan
Eitam switching teams
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Eitam wants to join Likud

MK declares he will not run in new Rightist party formed by National Union-NRP, seeks spot on Likud's roster. Kadima officials say Likud becoming extreme-Right party

Mk Effie Eitam announced Sunday evening that he and his party, Achi, would not join the new right-wing party initiated by the National Union-National Religious Party. Eitam added that he plans to join the Likud.


Eitam explained that the notion of a strictly religious party did not appeal to him, and added that he also opposed the decision not to hold primaries for the new party's roster.


However, sources in the Likud said that the party was not inclined to accept Eitam, mostly due to his extreme-Right views. Senior party officials stressed that Eitam cannot "force himself" on the Likud, and that his chances of becoming a member were "slim."


Meanwhile, Kadima officials said that the possibility that Eitam would join the Likud is another proof that the Likud was becoming an extreme Right party. "It now becomes clear that the Israeli public would be asked to choose between the sane Center, headed by Livni and Kadima, and the delusional Right, lead by Bibi and the Likud."


The initiative to form a new right-wing party seeks to establish a unified Rightist bloc that would appeal not only to settler voters, but also to a more secular constituency.


Chairman of the National Union-NRP, Benyamin Elon, said that the details regarding the new list should be finalized within the next 24 hours. "It has already been decided that at least two non-religious figures would be placed in the first 10 spots on the list," he stated.


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